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tomarmstrong14's Crossover of Rosie and Tom


  • Rosie from Thomas and Friends as Rosie
  • Thomas from Thomas and Friends as Jim
  • Top Cat as John
  • Jamie Greenwood (T,JyE Rooke, T,JaE Rooke, Topsy and Tim Rooke, Topsy and Tim) as Tootle
  • Kitty Katswell as Pat
  • Scuttlebutt as Duck
  • Mr. Grasping as The Trollbriadh


  • Ringo Starr as the Character Voices
  • Aaron Rookes as Top Cat
  • Jamie Greenwood as Himself
  • Jean Vander Pyl as Kitty Katswell
  • David Kaye as Scuttlebutt Mouse

Clip Used

  • Thomas and Friends
  • Top Cat
  • Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke
  • Thomas, Jordan and Emily Rooke
  • Topsy and Tim Rooke
  • Topsy and Tim
  • Topsia y Tim Rooke
  • Topsia y Tim
  • TUFF Puppy
  • Fievel - Partes 123de4
  • Scuttlebutt Field Trip

Dedicated to

  • Captainleo
  • theCityMaker
  • KittyKatswellFan
  • MrWaltDisneyClassic


  • Tonypilot

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