Narrator: Rosie the Super Spirited Engine was terribly ill. Workmen had tried to make her feel so much better, but it was no use.

Fat Controller's Wife: "Emily must take you to the works."

Narrator: Rosie was feeling very miserable and tired.

Narrator: Then they spoke to Stanley.

Fat Controller: "We want you to help Thomas, Percy and Toby while Rosie is away."

Narrator: Stanley was delighted, he already knew Thomas, and very soon made good friends with Toby and Percy. Trevor the Traction Engine gave him a big welcome as well.

Trevor: "Take good care of Rosie's coaches, she's sure to miss them while she's away."

Narrator: "Stanley was very gentle with Rosie's Coaches. Felicia and Petunia were very impressed."

Felicia and Petunia: "Such lovely manners, it really is a good pleasure to go out with him."

Narrator: When Rosie came back, Felicia and Petunia told her how well Stanley had managed, Rosie was so pleased to be back home that she forgot to be jealous.

Narrator: The works had left Rosie's wheels very stiff. It made her wheels seem just as if they weren't moving, when in fact they were.

Narrator: As a result, she and her coaches often over ran the platform. Rosie found this most embarrassing.

Narrator: Gradually, Rosie's driver and fireman learned to be extra careful. But 1 day, Rosie's fireman was terribly ill and a relief man took his place.

Narrator: The fireman had tied the ropes, and joined the driver and stationmaster on the platform to wait for Gordon's passengers. The fireman had forgotten all about Rosie's wheels. Rosie simmered in excitement."

Rosie: "Not for long."

Narrator: She saw Gordon slowly approaching, but then, Rosie felt her wheels beginning to move around, she tried to stop, but she couldn't without her driver and fireman, she tried loudly to whistle the warning, but she couldn't do that either, the railroad conductor, driver, fireman and passengers were all stranded right on the platform.

Felicia and Petunia: "Stop, Rosie, stop!"

Narrator: But Rosie, with plenty of energy, kept going, the alarm went off right down the main road.

Signalman: "Stop the runaway!"

Narrator: There, ready for action, was Harold the Helicopter. The inspector had made 1 plan, and together as always, they took off into the afternoon skies.

Narrator: At last, Rosie was beginning to get all tired out.

Rosie: "I need to stop, I need to stop."

Narrator: Just as they neared the next station, Rosie saw Harold land right near them.

Narrator: They entered the platform slowly enough for the inspector to act. Judging his moment, the inspector jumped right into Rosie and finally stopped her.

Narrator: Finally, Rosie stopped, both she and the inspector were very relieved, then they thanked Harold for help.

Harold: "Thank nothing about it, I'm proud to be of service anytime."

Inspector: "Whoa, we must never let this happen again, Rosie."

Narrator: Tiredly, Rosie agreed with him. 

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