Ross 154 is a red dwarf star between nine and ten light years from Earth. It's population (with diversity including humans both baseline and genetically altered and both naturally born and cloned; animal-human hybrids of all species-see animal-human hybrids in Empire of the Solar Throne, and A.I. robots and computers) is based mainly within an asteroid belt 0.8 to 2.0 AU from Ross 154, and mostly on the Earth-like world of Rossoniuso.


This world is Earth-sized with an Earth-like climate, and is divided into various nations, which have governments ranging from democratic to aristocratic to dictatorial to theocratic (with various religious orientations-see Religion in Empire of the Solar Throne). Some governments are racist, proclaiming humans or A.I. machines as superior to all other sentients, while most are racially egalitarian and multicultural. Contact with merchants from the Empire of the Solar Throne has been fairly rare due to the distance and time involved with time-dilation-equipped starships, though the government of the Solar Throne does have a permanent embassy on a moon of Rossoniuso. Rossoniuso has three moons, but is classified as a dwarf planet instead of a "true" planet because it is located within an asteroid belt and has not cleared it's orbital path around it's sun.


The asteroid belt of Ross 154 is composed of a number of mining colonies which provide raw materials to the nations on Rossoniuso, though the asteroid colonies zealously guard their political indepdence. There are also space pirates in the belt, which often raid the asteroid mining colonies and even the surface of Rossoniuso.


On Rossoniuso and even in the asteroid mining colonies, there is a growing cult that regards the ruler of the Empire of the Solar Throne as a living god or at least a demi-god, remarkably similar to like-minded faiths in the Empire of the Solar Throne itself. Such a phenemenon is all the more stunning due to the distance from the capital planet of the Solar Throne (see Earth's solar system in Empire of the Solar Throne).

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