Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XVIII: A Hero Lost

A Hero Lost

Anakin's hand movement here was digitally altered in post-production; Anakin was originally looking at the datapad throughout the shot, though when George Lucas decided it would look better if Anakin was not looking at it, to show him lost in thought, ILM inserted a new animation to show him raising his hand[1].

One of the subplots ultimately excised from the final cut of the film centered on Anakin's concerns that Padmé and Obi-Wan were having a relationship behind his back. The novelization expands on this, with Palpatine fuelling Anakin's worries by implying that Obi-Wan's morning meeting with Padmé was something less than innocent[2]. Elements of this story still survive, especially in this scene, and with Anakin's outburst on Mustafar: "you will not take her from me!"


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