Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XIX: Arrival on Utapau

Arrival on Utapau

As Obi-Wan's interceptor approaches the landing platform, a green-hulled scoop skimmer can be seen flying under the pad. These airspeeders serve as transports and law enforcement vessels on Utapau and Coruscant[1].

Two Techno Union starfighters can be seen in the lower left here. These vessels are barely seen in the film, though they are featured in Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections[2]. These vessels are more correctly known as Mankvim-814 light interceptors.

As well as the Mankvims, a Utapaun Porax-38 starfighter[3] can be seen, barely visible behind the right-most Mankvim. Also, a yellow-scaled varactyl can be seen under the arch of the landing platform.

More varactyls are seen, along with the two species native to Utapau; the tall, regal Pau'ans, and the short, drone-like Utai.

This is Chairman Tion Medon, played by Bruce Spence. The look of the character was inspired by classic horror figures such as Nosferatu.

The red-robed aide to the right of Tion Medon is identified as Lampay Fay, Medon's aide-de-camp[4]. The dark-robed Utapaun is named Zyn Javeb.[5]

As R4-G9 pilots the interceptor back to the Vigilance, a Porax-38 fighter can be clearly seen in the sky above the landing platform.

An additional scene was to have taken place in the stables, wherein Obi-Wan uses a Jedi mind trick to communicate with a non-Basic-speaking Utai wrangler. The scene, which can also be found in the novelization, explains why Obi-Wan chose a dragonmount over an airspeeder or other vehicle: Obi-Wan chooses Boga because of the dedication and loyalty he senses through the Force[6]. He also likens the varactyls to other mounts he has ridden in the past, such as the suubatars of Ansion.

The stables are home to several creatures, including varactyl, dactillions and at least one ginntho[7]; a leashed, spider-like creature being taken for a walk by its Pau'an owner. Perhaps as an homage to a similar stunt seen in Episode IV, a small Utai is thrown off a platform by its varactyl, and swung in mid-air by its reigns. A Jawa receives similar humiliation from a startled ronto in Mos Eisley in the following episode.

The concept of a Jedi riding a dragon-like creature into battle was an early idea formulated by George Lucas during pre-production of the film. He contemplated making the final design into a bronze statue to be placed atop a large rock alongside the road to Skywalker Ranch B, later known as Big Rock Ranch. At this point, it was Anakin who was set to ride this dragon creature[8].


"The Force Theme" is heard again as Obi-Wan descends towards Pau City.


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