Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XVII: Brothers' Farewell

Brothers' Farewell

Note the LAAT/i gunships, ARC-170 starfighters flying past in the background, and the firespeeders hovering over the Venator-class Star Destroyer. This vessel is named Vigilance[1] and will be transporting Obi-Wan, the 212th Attack Batallion and elements of the 41st Elite Corps and the 501st Legion to Utapau.

A CLL-M2[2] ordnance lifter[3] can be seen on the Vigilance's hull behind Obi-Wan.

Anakin and Obi-Wan part with a mutual "may the Force be with you". This echoes their parting in Episode II, although here the consequences of their separation will be far more dire.

Onboard the Vigilance, Commander Cody (CC-2224) and his men gather around Obi-Wan and his blue-hulled interceptor, presumably assigned to him after the loss of his red-hulled fighter in the Battle of Coruscant. Obi-Wan pilots a blue Jedi Interceptor in Star Wars: Obsession, having borrowed it from Aayla Secura in the first issue.

The astromech droid, R4-G9, also apparently belongs to Secura. Geenine's copper-and-bronze colour scheme was chosen by members of the Hyperspace fan club, as part of a contest begun in July 2003[4].

Other miscellania on the flight deck include several R2 units perfoming repairs to an engine; numerous Coruscant mechanics; clones of the 212th Attack Batallion; V-wing starfighters; LAAT/i gunships; and ARC-170s in the opposite hangar.

Cody can be identified by his rank insignia and the antennae on his shoulder plate. Cody was named after Commando Cody, sometimes referred to as "Commander Cody" and the "Rocket Man". This was how Jango Fett was introduced in the script of Episode II, and in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Cody was revealed to use a jetpack. Coincidentally, the Commando Cody serials were produced by "Republic Pictures".

The clone troopers here have differing appearances; while some resemble actor Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett), some have the likeness of Bodie Taylor (unmasked clones in Episode II). Most use elements of both faces through the use of digital techniques, wherein ILM could dial in different percentages between the two actors' features[5].

Obi-Wan's interceptor docks with a hyperspace ring in orbit above Coruscant. Hyperspace rings, allowing ships with no in-built hyperdrive to reach lightspeed, were seen in orbit above Coruscant in Episode II, again by Obi-Wan as he departed for Kamino. Several of these older models—officially TransGalMeg Syluire-31 docking rings[6]—alongside the newer models designed for Eta-2 interceptors—Syliure-45 hyperdrive module[7].


"The Force Theme", in all its glory, accompanies Obi-Wan's departure from the Vigilance.


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