Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter VI: Happy Reunions

Happy Reunions

The vessel that ferries the Jedi and Palpatine to the Senate Office Building is identified as a "Jedi shuttlebus", although identical models can clearly be seen docked at the Office Building, implying that they are not exclusive to the Jedi Order.

It is revealed here that the Senate Office Building, containing Palpatine's office, is located at the rear of the Galactic Senate building. These buildings appear to be nowhere near each other when the Office Building was first introduced in Episode II.

The Office Building docking bays contain numerous ships, some of which are familiar to eagle-eyed viewers. As the shuttlebus approaches, two Naboo star skiffs—of the type later used by Padmé to reach Mustafar—can be seen taking off, and two more can be seen docked on a lower level (and it is possible that one of these may in fact be Padmé's vessel, since she is already waiting for Anakin inside the building). Further on, a very familiar YT-1300 light freighter can be seen arriving at the building, and it has been confirmed that this is in fact the Millennium Falcon [1], though here sporting a blue paint-job.

As the shuttlebus lands, humanoid FA-5 valet droids can be seen waiting to aid its passengers, alongside wheeled FA-4 models. This type was last seen in Episode II, where an FA-4 droid served as Count Dooku's personal pilot. Further, several cargo crates bearing the symbol of the Open Circle Fleet can be seen here, in another of that icon's many appearances scattered throughout the film.

An assembly of Senators, dignitaries and droids awaits the arrival of the Supreme Chancellor. The congregation is comprised of, from left to right:

  • Three BD-3000 luxury droids, otherwise known as "Bettybots"
  • Three 3PO-series protocol droids, including C-3PO himself
  • A Senate Guard, whose partner can be glimpsed on the other side of the pillar
  • Senator Tundra Dowmeia of Mon Calamari[2]
  • Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan
  • Senator Meena Tills of Mon Calamari
  • Senator Malé-Dee of Uyter
  • Senator Terr Taneel of the Senex Sector
  • Associate Planetary Representative Jar Jar Binks of Naboo
  • Senator Giddean Danu of Kuat
  • Senator Chi Eekway of Wroona
  • Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth
  • Senator Fang Zar of Sern Prime
  • Senator Nee Alavar of Lorrd
  • Senator Ask Aak of Malastare[3]
  • Senator Fema Baab of the Bajic Sector
  • Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila
  • Cellheim Anujo, aide to Tundra Dowmeia
  • Eight Human or humanoid Senators
  • An Aqualish dignitary
  • A pick-up droid can also be seen here on the far left. These droids were first developed as Podracer salvagers for Episode I.

A scoop skimmer can be seen flying past behind the shuttle in this shot. These airspeeders are also used on Utapau[4]

A forklift droid can be seen behind Anakin, picking up a cargo crate. This appears to be a smaller version of the Short Range Transport droid C-3PO ran afoul of in Episode II's Geonosian droid factory. Additionally, the boots of two firefighters can also be glimpsed.

The "business on Cato Neimoidia" Obi-Wan refers to is chronicled in Labyrinth of Evil, by James Luceno. Here, Obi-Wan and Anakin lead an assault on Nute Gunray's fortress on Cato Neimoidia, though Obi-Wan ends up in an embarrasing situation after accidentally inhaling drug-like chemicals. The mission does, however, culminate with the capture of Gunray's mechno-chair, containing a hologram of Darth Sidious, which in turn leads to a hunt for the Sith Lord that is interrupted by the invasion of Coruscant.

Standing behind Palpatine are Senators Terr Taneel and Chi Eekway, portrayed respectively by Amanda and Katie Lucas, daughters of director George Lucas. Both have previously made cameos in the prequels: Amanda played Diva Funquita, assistant to Gardulla the Hutt, and provided Neimoidian Tey How's voice in Episode I, and portrayed Outlander Club patron Adnama in Episode II; Katie played Anakin's friend Amee in Episode I (although she was credited as Jenna Green), and Outlander patron Lunae Minx in Episode II. Senator Eekway will later be seen onscreen with her real-life father in the Galaxies Opera House, while George's son, Jett, appears as Jedi Padawan Zett Jukassa.

A clear shot of the Senate Guard shows their helmets have been modified; their large plumes are gone[5], and the helmets now include a face-obscuring visor, making them even more similar in appearance to Palpatine's elite Red Guard. Under Imperial rule, the "Blue Guards" will be phased out completely.

Both Orn Free Taa and Jar Jar Binks have their one and only lines here, in a brief exchange of "Watch it!" and "'Scuse me"; for Taa, this is the first time he has spoken on film. The Orn Free Taa mask used in this film is the same one created for Episode I [6]; though in that film, it was developed for actor Jerome Blake, whereas in the next two episodes, Matt Rowan played the part.

C-3PO is reunited with R2-D2 moments before their respective owners are themselves reunited. Threepio has finally got his gold coverings, having been applied by Padmé around the time Anakin became a Jedi Knight, as revealed in Clone Wars Season III.

Bail Organa and Anakin have a brief conversation here. Bail wears a wrist-link in this film, the original purpose of which was little more than decorative during pre-production[7].

Padmé sports a hairstyle that should be instantly recognizable to fans; the so-called "cinnamon bun" style later worn by Padmé's daughter in the original trilogy. Padmé's was designed to be a more elegant version, and was partly inspired by Hopi Indian styles, as opposed to the Spanish revolutionary style of Leia[8].

The "Outer Rim Sieges" Anakin refers to was a campaign that marked the final phase of the Clone Wars, and also served to spread the Jedi thinly across the outlying worlds. Planets caught up in the sieges include Boz Pity (Star Wars: Obsession), Belderone (Labyrinth of Evil), Murkhana (Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader) and worlds seen later in the film, such as Saleucami, Mygeeto, Cato Neimoidia and Felucia. The first, albeit unintentional, reference to the Outer Rim Sieges actually occurs in 1993's Han Solo and the Corporate Sector sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: in it, a soldier named Alexsandr Badure is described as a veteran of the "Outer Rim Wars" portion of the Clone Wars.

It is implied that the Skywalker twins are conceived during the timespan of Chapter 22 of Star Wars: Clone Wars, when Anakin visits Padmé on Naboo. This event was originally intended to take place during the timespan of Star Wars: Obsession 2. This comic actually takes place only five months prior to the birth of the twins, though the implication was made at a point during the film's production where it was thought to span several months, rather than days. It should be noted that Padmé is indeed nine months pregnant throughout the film, but hides her pregnancy as best she can with a series of carefully-designed gowns and dresses. Her apparently slim figure in this scene has caused some confusion among fans, leading some to believe the film covers a much larger amount of time.


"Across the Stars", Anakin and Padmé's love theme from Episode II, returns here as Anakin proclaims his happiness.


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