Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XVI: Kashyyyk


Kashyyyk first appeared in the Star Wars Holiday Special—though the planet was represented by a shot of the planet Yavin, recoloured with a green hue. The end battle of Episode VI was originally going to be set on the Wookiee homeworld, but the Wookiee warriors were later replaced by the Ewoks, and the action moved to Endor. However, this concept is finally realized in Episode III. The planet has also been referred to as "Kazhyyyk" or "Kazzook". Officially, Kashyyyk has other names, including "G5-623", "Wookiee Planet C" and "Edean", as coined by Czerka Corporation in Knights of the Old Republic.

These insect-like creatures are known as can-cells. Initially, Yoda was to have fled to the escape pod on a can-cell, though this concept was ultimately dropped. The figures riding on the backs of these creatures are Aleena, first represented in the saga by Podrace pilot Ratts Tyerell in Episode I. The vessel that follows the can-cells is a Wookiee catamaran, more correctly known as an Oevvaor jet catamaran. These will later join the Battle of Kashyyyk.

The Wookiee tree-city is known as Kachirho. Kashyyyk is often believed to be entirely comprised of massive trees known as wroshyrs, with the planet's inhabitants living high up in the trees for fear of dangerous predators on the surface. However, it has been previously established that Kashyyyk does indeed feature coastal regions, in works such as Rebel Dawn and Star Wars Battlefront. This region is known as the Wawaatt Archipelago. Background plates for the Kashyyyk scenes were shot in China and Thailand, although Kachirho itself was a miniature model created by ILM.

Although barely noticable behind Kachirho, that's Yoda's Venator-class Star Destroyer landed to the rear of the tree-city. Also note it has the Open Circle Fleet symbol on its hull, although this vessel is not actually part of that armada. As mentioned earlier, the symbol became far more widespread than initially intended.

The camouflaged armour of the troopers of the 41st Elite Legion is meant to resemble the armour later worn by the scout troopers of the Empire, seen on Endor in Episode VI.

Luminara Unduli is present on Kashyyyk, though she is not portrayed by the same actress who introduced the character in Episode II, Mary Oyaya. Here, Art Department Supervisor Fay David stood in for this single shot. David has previously been seen as a handmaiden in Episode I and she played Shaak Ti in the Jedi Archives scene of Episode II. Additionally, Commander Faie, designed for Episode III though ultimately making his debut in Republic: The Siege of Saleucami, was named for her.

A Wookiee ornithopter buzzes past the Wookiee command center. These vessels, like the catamarans, will later join the battle, and are technically called Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft. They are named after the gnasps of the Wookiee colony moon, Alaris Prime, both of which were seen in The Clone Wars videogame.

Wookiee warriors Chewbacca and Tarfful flank Yoda here. Chewbacca is again portrayed by Peter Mayhew, while Tarfful, Chieftan of Kachirho, is played by Michael Kingma.

By the time the Council adjourns, Commander Gree (designated CC-1004) has arrived. "Gree" has previously been established as the name of an alien race (and its homeworld) known for its use of hypergates. Gree's backstory incorporated this knowledge, stating that CC-1004 chose the name Gree after taking an interest in such obscure species.

Note the C-9979 landing ships settling on the far side of the lake. These were the ships used to transport the Trade Federation Droid Army to the surface of Naboo in Episode I, though they were absent from Episode II.

When Commander Merumeru's Wookiee warriors let out their battle cries, the call of Boga, introduced later in the film, can be heard among them. On set, only six actors were filmed in the Wookiee suits, and were later digitally replicated and supplemented by computer-generated Wookiees to fill out the final shots of the Wookiee charge.

The Separatist attack force is comprised of:

  • NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcers, initially designed for Episode II but dropped from the final release
  • B1 battle droids
  • Heavy Missile Platforms, otherwise known as droid gunships, similar to the Mechanized Assault Flyer that appeared in Star Wars Battlefront
  • Trade Federation troop carriers, first glimpsed in Episode I
  • DSD1 dwarf spider droids, first seen in Episode II

Chewbacca's Tarzan-like warcry from Episode VI has been paid homage to here, where it is uttered by two Wookiees swinging onto the hull of a droid enforcer.


A segment of "The Arena" as heard in Episode II plays as Kashyyyk and Kachirho are introduced. The theme is later used during Darth Vader's raid on the Jedi Temple, though is more commonly thought of as the Separatist march.

The so-called "Trade Federation March", otherwise known as the "Droid Invasion Theme" plays as the Battle of Kashyyyk begins. It was first heard during the invasion of Naboo in Episode I, and again to accompany the first sighting of the fully-armoured clone troopers in Episode II.

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