Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XIII: Not the Chosen One?

Not the Chosen One?

Two BARC speeders can be seen escorting the LAAT/i gunship through Galactic City, and though they are little more than blurs racing in front of the vessel here, they can be seen more clearly later in the scene. "BARC" stands for "Biker Advanced Recon Commando", a specialization of clone troopers trained to pilot speeder bikes.

The Aurebesh lettering on the side of the gunship appear to be nonsensical; they are also printed in mirror format. The three visible, reversed symbols denote the letters or sounds "ng", "s" and "j".

Yoda rubbing a hand across his scalp was an action requested specifically by George Lucas. It is an homage to the actor Takashi Shimura, being his signature gesture in Akira Kurosawa's Shichinin no Samurai, otherwise known as Seven Samurai, a film that greatly inspired Lucas during writing and production of Episode IV[1].

As the gunship arrives at a military staging area, numerous Venator-class Star Destroyers can be seen docked, along with other war machines. These include additional gunships and BARC speeders; Juggernauts (also known as "clone turbo tanks"); Infantry Support Platforms; three-legged All Terrain Attack Pod walkers; and one-man All Terrain Recon Transport walkers. A Wookiee also arrives to greet Yoda, amid formations of clone troopers of the 41st Elite Legion. These troopers will later be seen on Kashyyyk sporting camouflage armor, and some will also fight on Utapau. Finally, groups of fireship pilots can also be seen amongst the clones.


A snippet of "Emperor's Throne Room" from Episode VI can be heard after Yoda states that the prophecy may have been misread.


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