Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter XX: Obi-Wan vs. Grievous

Obi-Wan vs. Grievous

The Separatist Council has convened on the Tenth Level. It currently comprises, from left-to-right:

  • San Hill, Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan
  • Wat Tambor, Foreman of the Techno Union
  • Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis and representative of Geonosian Industries
  • Shu Mai, Presidente of the Commerce Guild
  • Po Nudo, head of the Hyper-Communications Cartel and former Senator of Ando
  • Passel Argente, Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance
  • Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation
  • Rune Haako, Settlement Officer of the Trade Federation and lieutenant to Viceroy Gunray
  • Poggle's Geonosian aide can be seen behind the group

This overhead shot reveals two additional figures at the table. The leftmost figure is currently unknown, though the being to their left is Tikkes, former Senator of Mon Calamari and the current representative of the Quarren Isolation League. Initially, this Quarren was an unnamed character, since Tikkes was mistakenly believed to have died in Star Wars: Clone Wars. However, an appearance in Labyrinth of Evil confirms his survival, and his appearance on Utapau has now been verified[1]. However, it appears he does not go to Mustafar with the rest of the Council, as he is not seen again in the film.

"Hello there!"'
—Obi-Wan Kenobi

This was Obi-Wan's first line in Episode IV, spoken by Sir Alec Guinness way back in 1977. Although no further classic Obi-Wan quotes appear in the film, Ewan McGregor was known to spontaneously launch into an impressive impression of Guinness on set, delivering a number of his lines to the amusement of the crew[2].

As well as the many B1, B2 and destroyer droids that surround Obi-Wan, an Octuptarra droid can be seen at the top of the screen, and a LM-432 crab droid is glimpsed scuttling into frame to the far right. The Octuptarra droid is a smaller, anti-personnel version of the tri-droid seen on Mygeeto. The Octuptarra is also seen during the invasion of Coruscant in Clone Wars Chapters 23 and 25.

Curiously, Obi-Wan appears to destroy the surviving MagnaGuard with a simple decapitation—despite that particular method of execution failing to stop IG-101 onboard the Invisible Hand.

The lightsabers held in Grievous's right hands are replicas of the weapons carried by Obi-Wan (top) and Anakin (bottom). These were added as easter eggs by ILM animators, as opposed to being the mistakes some fans believe them to be. Note that the "Anakin" hilt produces a green blade, and was once used by Jedi Master Puroth[3], although Revenge of the Sith: The Visual Dictionary shows a blue blade. The green lightsaber in his top left hand belonged to the Viraanntesse Jedi Jmmaar[4], and one of the two blue blades belonged to Nystammall, who was slaughtered with Jmmarr[5]. The remaining blade is said to have belonged to K'Kruhk, claimed at Hypori[5]—though K'Kruhk himself survived the encounter. However, K'Kruhk's blade is green, and has a different design to Grievous's lightsabers.

Watch the pair of battle droids in the background between Obi-Wan and Grievous as the latter ignites his blades; one appears to be daydreaming, and the other gives him a nudge to direct his attention to the main attraction, as it were.

This is a Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike, and it is not a unique vehicle; two more can be glimpsed behind Grievous's transport; Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections reveals Techno Union factories produced additional wheel bikes on Utapau; and several are glimpsed on the Tenth Level in the Episode III video game. It is also not the first wheel bike in the franchise: the Star Wars: Droids episode "The Lost Prince" saw the debut of the 48 Roller wheel bike, a civilian model used by the heroic Jann Tosh.

In his haste to escape, Grievous is not discriminating between whatever is flattened under his wheel bike; he rolls over a battle droid upon first starting the vehicle, and hits at least six clone troopers with the bike's legs and twin clawed wheels.

A particuarly burly clone trooper can be seen on the lower level here, casually knocking aside a kneeling battle droid with his blaster rifle. The droid's body is then unceremonially knocked aside by Boga.

Another interesting background detail here; briefly glimpsed behind Boga is a somewhat one-sided boxing match between a clone trooper and an unfortunate battle droid, who here recieves an armoured fist to the gut.

Clearly visible here are a couple of clone troopers sporting armour distinctly different to that of Cody and the members of the 212th Attack Battalion. These clone troopers, outfitted with heavy armour for high-altitude drops, are part of the 2nd Airborne Company, a subdivision of the 212th. This company was named by author Karen Traviss in honour of the 2nd Battalion of the real-world British Army Parachute Regiment. Specifically, many of the 2nd Airborne clones seen in the film are part of Parjai Squad.

As Cody bends down to retrieve Obi-Wan's fallen lightsaber, the trooper behind him is shot with a laser bolt that was likely aimed at Cody himself. In the novelization, Obi-Wan loses his weapon further on in the chase, and it is later found in a traffic tunnel in the city. Cody later laments handing the Jedi back his weapon when Order 66 is transmitted[6].


Obi-Wan's arrival on the Tenth Level is accompanied by a militaristic rendition of the "Force Theme" at approximately 54:23.

"General Grievous", first heard during the general's introduction, underscores the clash of lightsabers on the Tenth Level, beginning from 56:27.


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