Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Chapter I: Revenge of the Sith

Opening Crawl

War! The Republic is crumbling
under attacks by the ruthless
Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
There are heroes on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.
In a stunning move, the
fiendish droid leader, General
Grievous, has swept into the
Republic capital and kidnapped
Chancellor Palpatine, leader of
the Galactic Senate.
As the Separatist Droid Army
attempts to flee the besieged
capital with their valuable
hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a
desperate mission to rescue the
captive Chancellor…

Revenge of the Sith

001 - RotS

Episode and title.

The title is an homage to the original title of Episode VI, "Revenge of the Jedi". This was puportedly changed to Return of the Jedi when George Lucas decided Jedi would not take revenge, though by this time, merchandise bearing the original name had already been produced. Several items of Revenge of the Sith merchandise also paid homage to the style of these products.

George Lucas wrote a rough draft and four revised drafts before settling upon the final shooting script—though even that was subject to many changes during production. The first draft was dated 13th April, 2003, with the fourth draft at 26th June.

During production, The Official Star Wars Site stated that the title of Episode III would be "The Creeping Fear", though this was actually just an April Fools Day joke. Revenge of the Sith was revealed as the title of the film on July 24th, 2004.

As with the previous two episodes, John Knoll produced the opening crawl for Episode III, using the same source file and simply substituting in the new text for this installment[1].

002 - RotS end

Opening crawl.

This is the first and only opening crawl to include an exclamation point ("War!"). It also contains a minor semantic discrepancy by referring to both Anakin and Obi-Wan as "Jedi Knights". By this point, although Anakin has passed the Trials, Obi-Wan has become a Jedi Master.

The events alluded to in the crawl were depicted in several sources, most notably Season III of Star Wars: Clone Wars, the lead-in novel Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno, and Evasive Action: Reversal of Fortune, a webstrip made available on The Official Site to members of the Hyperspace fan club. General Grievous himself first appeared in Chapter 20 of the Clone Wars cartoons.


John Williams' "Star Wars Main Title" opens the film, seguing into "The Revenge of the Sith". The film uses an alternate version to that which appears on the soundtrack CD, notably using war drums following the pan down.


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