Módulo I : Outrem, Simetria e Socialidade

Sessão 1

MARCUS, George E. A timely rereading of Naven: Gregory Bateson as oracular essayist. Representations. Ago. 1985. no.12, p.66-83.

STRATHERN, Marilyn. 1987. "The Limits of Auto-Anthropology". In. A. Jackson (ed). Anthropology at Home: 59-67. London: Tavistock Publications.

VIVEIROS DE CASTRO, Eduardo. O nativo relativo. Mana, Apr. 2002, vol.8, no.1, p.113-148.

Textos Sugeridos:

BATESON, Gregory.Naven; a survey of the problems suggested by a composite picture of the culture of a New Guinea tribe drawn from three points of view. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1958.

DELEUZE, Gilles. Michel Tournier e o mundo sem Outrem. Lógica do sentido. São Paulo: Editora Perspectiva, 2003.

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