• The mechas in Wartech go by the name of "Rounders" and are produced by many ingame companies and are used by the playable characters. Listed below are the details of the individual Rounders.*

Mr. Seeker 16:49, February 26, 2011 (UTC)


Main Weapon: Hybrid Rifle

Sub Weapon: Hyper Booster

B.O.S.S.: Tenka Dai Ittoh

A combat rounder developed by Tsunami in the past for military use. Most of them have been retired with many being sold in used markets.

The Azureus piloted by Karel is able to equip heavy weaponry and has been modded to include boosters and other power enhancements. It's B.O.S.S., "Tenka Dai Ittoh", is a highly destructive attack befitting its heavy industrial base.

Ventuno Due

Main Weapon: Hand Machine Gun

Sub Weapon: Homing Missile

B.O.S.S.: Last Arbiter

A combat Rounder created for ground based battles by Rendares it is the only "Due" in the "Ventuno Series". Although equipped with simple weapons, their ease of use have made it a highly trusted combat vehicle.

Although the "Ventuno Due" is equppied with "Reactive Bombs" that automatically respond to quick moving heat sources and explode when they draw near, Mika prefers to turn the heat sensors off and rely on his extraordinary abilities instead.


Main Weapon: Punch Barrier Unit

Sub Weapon: Tail Bomb

B.O.S.S.: Orbital Sword

The "Orangette" is famous as a sports type among Goddiver's "Sweet Arms" series, and its quick movement abilities are often used in sprints, baseball, and other competitions. Many of these units are used in civilian police G.S.O. to take advantag of those abilities.

However, its B.O.S.S. "Orbital Sword" is a Goddiver prototype that only members of the 4th Security Unit (Sakurako's team) are allowed to use.


Main Weapon: Duet Shot

Sub Weapon: Ensemble Laser

B.O.S.S.: Curtain Call

An experimental Opera machine piloted by Ernula. Its movement is limited, but its weaponry makes up for it. By placing its option unit "Consonance" in the air, it can use it to reflect its Ensemble Laser toward its target.

Its B.O.S.S. possesses high attack power, but exposes its front armor's weak point.


Main Weapon: Monomuzzle Vulcan

Sub Weapon: Burst Ball

B.O.S.S.: Gravity Flier

A sports type Rounder made by Motivalier that is often used in races. Also the model used by Fabian in "Rounder Races" during his student days.

Naturally it has been customized for S.S.S. purposes, but its size has not changed much even with the additional armor and weaponry. That is because it has been designed in accordance with Fabian's wish that its "agility", this model's primary asset, not be reduced.


Main Weapon: Scimitar Gun

Sub Weapon: Homing Laser

B.O.S.S.: Cubskirt

The non-civilian version of Goddiver's hit series "Sweet Arms". Formerly developed by Goddiver for military purposes, it ended up not being used by the army and found its way to G.S.O. instead.

The Citronette piloted by Changpo has been vastly improved for close-range combat thanks to its prototype gunsword "Scimitar Gun". Together with the Homing Laser, which can stop an enemy dead in their tracks, it's an extremely capable and balanced machine.


Main Weapon: Poschet Launcher

Sub Weapon: Twin Tail

B.O.S.S.: Madam Butterfly

A custom-made Rounder from Motivalier's all-purpose Brinstar line. A military laboratory ordered it for Lili, and everything from its equppied weapons to the unit's controls have been made so that Lili is the only one who can use them.

It's an extremely delicate machine, and is weak against impact and physical (i.e. melee) attacks.


Main Weapon: Assault Machine Gun

Sub Weapon: Tractor Mine

B.O.S.S.: Butcher Bird

A Tsunami made military Rounder, it turned out to be the last of their new models. Its primary feature is its ability to act independently for a long time, thanks to its advanced cruising capabilities. It was primarily used by the army not for combat, but for spying and secret missions. By equipping it with a flight booster, its existing abilities can be extended even further.

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