Esplanade Busport to West Perth circular service during morning peak period. West Perth to Esplanade Busport only during evening peak period.


Period Weekdays Saturdays Sundays and Public Holidays
Early morning - - -
Morning peak 12 mins - -
Day - - -
Evening peak 12 mins - -
Night - - -
Late night - - -

Bus Stops

Stop Location Zone Time from start Remarks
12228 Esplanade Busport Stand A7 FTZ 0 min Timed stop
22025 Hay St before Elder St FTZ 3 min
16916 Hay St/Harvest Tce FTZ Buses start from here during evening peak, evening peak timed stop 5 min
16916 Hay St bef Emerald Tce FTZ 6 min
16916 Hay St/Outram St FTZ 8 min
17511 Outram St/Ord St FTZ Timed Stop 9 min
10111 Kings Park Rd bef Colin St (A) FTZ 11 min
10112 Kings Park Rd bef Havelock St FTZ 12 min
10113 Dumas House FTZ 12 min
10114 Malcolm St bef Mitchell Fwy FTZ 14 min
12228 Esplanade Busport Stand A7 FTZ 20 min

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