Name: Lt. Cmdr. Rouun "Jammer" Senn
Race: Human
Birthplace: Taanab
Gender: Male
Age: 23 Standard Years
Affiliation: Republic Navy Starfighter Corps, SETC 2-7 Squadron
Side of the Force: Neutral.
Occupation: Fighter pilot/flight instructor
Force Affinity: 1 (Everything living is connected to The Force, right?)

Physical Description

(1.75 meters tall (5'9") at 58.96 kilograms (130 lb))

Rouun is a bit on the thin side, and it's only partially his fault; his metabolism is blindingly fast. Lightly muscled and ridiculously good-looking with intense green eyes and a shock of dark red hair, as well as a within-regs "soul patch" goatee. Slight perpetual smirk.

Psychological Description

One word sums up Rouun Senn: Prankster. Even the most veteran of slicers have an end to their tricks: Rouun doesn't. His slicing skills got him into the Navy as a warrant officer; his sim-gaming skills landed him in the Starfighter Corps. Though quite competent in battle, he can be an utter pain outside the cockpit, and more than one commander has gotten him out of their hair by shipping him to some backwater assignment. He earned his callsign "Jammer" by incessantly singing a Taanabian children's song for hours on end during one of his first post's sleep cycles. Not only was he singing loudly, but he sounded so bad that even species that could normally tolerate such sounds had to cover their hearing organs. He can generally out-talk anyone in his unit.

For all his fun-loving ways, he abhors intoxication, partially because he doesn't take to alcohol very well, but primarily because of his belief that good times can be had at any time.

Favored Force Uses

Who needs The Force when you've got a big mouth and laser-toting government property?


His laser-toting government property and a service blaster.


An up-and-coming hotshot pilot in the ranks of the RNSC.


He can't hold his lomin-ale, and there's the whole dealing with females thing...He also doesn't know when to give up with his practical joking.

Personal History

Growing up in a wealthy family, Rouun was a child prodigy, earning top marks in every school he attended through university; in fact, he has an advanced degree in engineering from the prestigious University of Coruscant. However, the authenticity of his grades towards the end of his academic career is questionable, as he had done quite a bit of slicing in his teen years.

Though the galaxy is large, it has little need for engineers who don't have track records. Signing away his inheritance to his siblings, he joined the Republic Navy, hoping to find work as a starfighter mechanic (for some reason, all the regular maintenance facilities wouldn't take him). His Engineering Corps commander found him to be quite formidable in local arcade simulators, and only slightly less so in military-grade sims, and put him up for review by Starfighter Command.

He was tested, deemed competent, and put through advanced training. Warrant Officer Senn was first attached to the 634th Corellia Aerospace Wing and served with them for several months before being reassigned to the 522nd Fighter Wing in time for the Sith-Republic assault on Ziost. He was shot down over the planet. A Sith soldier landed to provide him assistance; untrusting, Senn subdued the soldier and took his starfighter, flying it for the rest of the battle.

He was discharged from the 522nd for a prank played on the squadron commander. For the next few months, he bounced between no fewer than ten squadrons, until he was stationed as a SETC trainer at the academy on Alderaan. He accepted a promotion to Lieutenant Commander after the warrant officer program was terminated and took command of Squadron 7 of the Second Space Education Training Command Wing. Following activation of Squadron 7 he was reinstated to active duty in the 522nd.

Two years later, Senn commanded Decider Squadron of the 1041st Coruscant Aerospace Wing over Coruscant during the Jedi exile.

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