The Royal Crown Coalition was founded with the purpose of ending the rule of Stanley and conquering his cities. The leader of the coaltion is Prince Ansom



The coalition consisted between Parson's Siege Raids and the final siege of Gobwin Knob of following sides and troops:

Capital sides:
Jetstone (3949)
Unaroyal (1714)
Sofa King (981)
Foxmud (208)
Hobbittm (141)
Charlescomm (15)

Natural Allies:
Marbits (1875)
Elves (820) [Woodsy, Shady, Luckless, Schlemiel, Altruist, Lofty, Superfluous]
Barbarian (19)


Before the arrival of Parson Gotti the coalition was very successful. Stanley was down to one city and Prince Ansom anticipated an easy victory. The first major setback were Parson's Siege Raids.

The most important counselor and close friend of the leader Prince Ansom is Vinny Doombats of Transylvito. The leader of the barbarians, Jillian Zamussels, became the lover of Ansom. Both left the coalition in order to exploit Erfworld Mechanics that gives them additional moves to chase Stanley.

Charlescomm left the coalition after Parson Gotti made a deal with him. This happened while Vinny and Jillian split from the coalition, and thus wasn't considered treason in terms of Erfworld Mechanics.

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