Kansas City Municpal Stadium 1963-1973 Kauffman Stadium (Old) 1973-2007 Kauffman Stadium (New) 2008-2012 Owner : Ewing Kauffman

On This Day

Royals Draft 1973 Ends


1973 Season Opening Day 1973 March,28 1973 Opening Week 1973 March, 29 1973-April, 7 1973 Opening Series 1973 April, 8 1973 Royals Draft 1973 April, 9 1973-April, 12 1973

1985 Season Opening Day 1985 March, 29 1985 Opening Week 1985 March,30 1985-April, 8 1985 Opening Series 1985 April, 9 1985 Royals Draft 1985 April, 10 1985

Royals To Go

Cellphone- Royals Mobile Telephone- Royals Phone Service Laptop-Royals Laptop Service Work Computer- Royals Pro Service

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