• R1000 - The Transformers: Arrival from Cybertron
  • R1027 - The Transformers: Megatron's Master Plan
  • R1029 - The Sooty Video Show
  • R1033 - The Telebugs: Angel Brain & Zudo Bug
  • R1053 - The Transformers: Desertion of the Dinobots
  • R1075 - The Telebugs Strike Back
  • R1081 - Heggerty Haggerty
  • R1085 - The Transformers: The Jey to Vector Sigma
  • R1089 - Captain America
  • R1091 - The Incredible Hulk
  • R1093 - The Amazing Spider-Man
  • R1095 - Spider-Woman
  • R1097 - The Mighty Thor

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