Angel Brain & Zudo Bug

Following the fast-moving humorous adventures of these highly individual characters in the world of high technology, computers and television. Professor Brainstrain created the Telebugs to help people in trouble. The Telebugs leader is “Chip” who is a phenomenal calculator; analytical; decision maker. He is programmed to respond quickly to unexpected situations. “Samantha” is a communicator; a highly sensitive detector of information. Using her retractable antenna she can access other data-carriers and data bases worldwide. The third member of the team is “Bug”. He has a retractable video camera and is programmed to get pictures for T.V. at any cost. Bug's Video pup is called “Mic”, a small mobile independent camera. In their relentless fight against evil, the Telebugs harness their own inner reserves of logic and high-powered data processing to defeat villains of the computer world.

  • Back Cover: Angel Brain and Zudo Bug

The Telebugs Strike Back

  • Back Cover: Angel Brain and the Telebugs (white background)

The Telebugs In Action

The Telebugs, the most intelligent children’s characters ever created, are off once again in eight more exciting adventures. “Chip”, “Samantha”, “Bug” and their video pup “Mic” are pitched against their arch-enemies “Arcadia”, “Angel Brain” and “Zudo Bug”. The villains are intent on causing havoc to high technology computers and television stations, but can they overcome the databank's logic and technology available to the Telebugs?... Fasten your seat belt and all systems go Telesonic......

  • Back Cover: The Telebugs leaving Brainstrain's house (mirrored) and Zudo Bug