Rubbish, King of the Jumble, (the name being a play on "King of the Jungle") is a cartoon about a cat called Rubbish, created & directed by Mark Taylor. Rubbish is a malnourished cat with a vivid imagination living in a junk filled attic of an old house. In each episode he tries to steal food and generally make his rundown life a bit better through elaborate schemes and plans. His adventures are usually acted in the form of imaginary characters such as Tarzan & James Bond.

His attempts to try and get food are usually confounded by his plans going wrong, or equally by his many foes, which include the Mice, Birds and Dinsdale the Dog. Dinsdale is a grumpy, malicious dog who actively guards the ground floor flat in which Sid (his owner) lives and is a dog who doesn't like Rubbish or his antics at all. Dinsdale is usually on hand to give Rubbish a painful bite on the tail at exactly the wrong moment. Rubbish always seems to humilatingly fail in his quest. Voiced by the English comic Alexei Sayle, there were 26 x 10 minute episodes made by A productions, an animation studio based in Bristol UK. Music for the series was written and performed by Andre Jacquemin and Dave Howman. Scripts were written by the Santa Monica based writers, Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy

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