Rucx is the most eccentric city of Thousand sands and the most thriving. Formed after the second ten year war it is a testament to the feuding selfishness and stupidly of the ruling family of Thousand Sands. Not many people see it as this however. They see it as a chance for fame, power and money. It is the city to visit if you where to visit Thousand Sands saturated with food drink and entertainment. Yet remaining paradoxically also as an incrabily industrious city. Some how aloof to any repulsive and work inhibiting decadence. Powerful merchants and diplomats travel to Rucx hoping for money or resolutions. It will be said that the merchants commonly achieved their goal but the diplomat’s unsuccessful attempts would reflect soon upon the merchants. Rucx is a confusing for any diplomat or foreign envoy as it possesses three government centers.

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