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  • Rudolph as Flik
  • Clarice as Princess Atta
  • Nanny Nine O'Clock as Dot
  • Lilly Loraine as The Queen
  • Tall Elf as Thorny
  • Misfit Cowboy as Cornelius
  • Sam the Snowman as Mr. Soil
  • Mrs. Donner as Dr. Flora
  • The Evil Toy Taker as Hopper
  • Officer Kelly as Molt
  • Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster as Thumper
  • Comet as Francis
  • Hermey as Heimlich
  • Donner as Dim
  • One Million PC as Slim
  • Yukon Cornelius as Manny
  • Crystal as Gypsy
  • S.D. Kluger & 1023 as Tuck & Roll
  • Mama Bear as Rosie

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