Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys

Walt Disney Pictures

Goodtimes Entertaiment

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Scene Selections

  1. The Toys Are in Trouble
  2. Scoop the Snowman
  3. Opening Credits
  4. Rudolph's Christmas Party
  5. Beyond the Star
  6. Rudolph's Christmas Mestery
  7. On Thier Way to the Island of Misfit Toys
  8. King Moonracer's Terrible Toothache
  9. Santa Clause's Sign of The Toy Taker
  10. The Castaway Cove of Queen Camilla
  11. Fight
  12. Beautiful Like Me
  13. Back to the North Pole
  14. The Toy Taker
  15. The Toy Taker Leaves
  16. Queen Camilla's Wrong Turn
  17. King Moonracer's Plan
  18. They Decide to Rescue the Toys
  19. Dress Up as Toys
  20. The Snow Monster's Wasting Time
  21. Stuck in a Blimp
  22. Something's Time
  23. Got You Now
  24. Yukon Falls Off the Blimp
  25. Hot on the Trail of the Toy Taker
  26. Mr. Cuddles
  27. Fixing the Bear
  28. The Best Christmas Ever
Bonus Features
  • Fun and Games
  • Making of Featurette
  • Songs
  • DVD-Rom
  • Web Fun
  • Cast and Crew Bios

Set Up

  • Spoken Languages - English, French and Spanish
  • Subtitles - English, French and Spanish
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  • Make-A-Wish Foundation Promo

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