Dandy Livingston's song "Rudy, A Message To You" was released in several versions, the best known today is The Specials' one from 1979. After the success of that single Trojan released a remixed version of Dandy's original in 1980.
Rudy 1980 C 500

A completely stupid cover - without any relation to the song

7"-single: Trojan Records / (Teldec) 6.12678 AC /DE (p) 1980 R&B/Tee Pee Music


Rudy 1980 L 500


Tribute To The Prince L 1980 500


  • Side 1:
    • Rudy, A Message To You (Livingstone) 2:42
  • Side 2:
    • Tribute To The Prince (Livingston) 2:46


Remixed by Clem Boshay aka Clem Bushay

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