Rudy and Mahri are a pair of siblings appearing in Misty Meets Her Match. Rudy, voiced by Matthew Mitler, has auburn hair, black eyes and wears a black long sleeved shirt with a white waistcoat, black pants and black shoes. At his age, he is 16 years old. Mahri, voiced by Kayzie Rogers, has red hair, blue eyes and wears a light yellow short sleeved shirt, black shorts and red shoes. At her age, she is 5 years old.



  • Unnamed Parents
  • Mahri (Younger Sister)
  • Misty (Love Interest)


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Rudy (Older Brother)
  • Tommy (Love Interest)



  1. Liking for his romantic dance with Misty
  2. Admiring Mahri
  3. Commenting on the Sensational Sisters


  1. Being cool to Tommy
  2. Liking for Rebecca, Aya and Lara Laramie
  3. Getting her skills



  1. Watching Mahri drown
  2. Being helpless
  3. Getting busted


  1. Drowning herself
  2. Getting into lots of tantrums
  3. Being cowardly


  • Rudy is one of the members of The Orange Crew to appear in the anime.
  • Mahri is also a friend of Aya, Koga, and Mateo's sister, Marissa.
  • Both siblings have some personalities

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