Main Cast

Tommy Pickles as Shane (both wear blue)

Chuckie Finster as David (both short)

Honk (from Tails from the Ark) as Puppet (both puppets)

Betty Deville as Mrs. Foil (both big woman and female)

Guest Stars

Howard Deville as Sammy Murphy

The Alien (from Toy Story) as Alien (both aliens)

Angelica Pickles as Mary Annette (both cute)

Larry as police's danger's niece 1

Steve as police's danger's niece 2

The Babies as Children (both kids)

Blue (from Blue's Clues) as Puppy (both blue dogs)

Bob the Blanket as himself

Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Jeremy the Mouse (both mouses)

Lil Deville as the upside down's police

Woody's Hearing the Door as herself

Doctor Penny as herself

Phil Deville as danger of the upside down's police

Drew Pickles as mirror's smile's husband


Scene 1: Introduction

TOMMY: Hello!

CHUCKIE: I'm coming!

TOMMY: David, find!

CHUCKIE: Yep, Shane, comes over!

BOTH: Horray!

TOMMY: We're going to see a police, her danger, and her danger's nieces, and of course, mrs. foil, puppet, sammy murphy, alien, mary annette, children, puppy, bob the blanket, jeremy the mouse, woody's hearing the door, and doctor penny!


Scene 2: Company

CHUCKIE: I'm going her!

TOMMY: Look, it's Mrs. Foil, Puppet, Sammy Murphy, Alien, Mary Annette, Children, Puppy, Bob, Jeremy, Door, and Penny!

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