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A Fan-Fiction Rugrats Episode.


  • [The Episode Begins With A Clip From The Episode "Toy Palace". Captons "One Hour Later...." Appear And Fade To The Episode.]
  • Chuckie: Open This Door Up, Tommy.
  • (Door Opens)
  • Tommy: Whoa. Like Visiting A Toy Store At Night.
  • Chuckie Exept.. This Is In The Day, Tommy.
  • Flashback Starts As Tommy Interrupts.
  • Tommy: But.. Chuckie!!! Remember?
  • Clips From The Episode "Toy Palace" Appear.
  • I Know, I Know, Tommy.
  • Phineas Flynn And Ferb Fletcher Appear.
  • Phineas Flynn: Hey Wheres....
  • Tommy: Hi. I'm Tommy. (Points To Chuckie) This is My Assistaint, Chuckie.
  • Chuckie: Tommy You Gotta Stop Saying That Word.
  • (Music Starts I Love You)
  • Barney: I Love You You Love Me We're A Happy Family With The Great Big Hug & The Kiss From Me To You.
  • Won't You Say You Love Me To.
  • Barney & Kids & Edi & Waffle Caillou Phineas & Ferb Tommy Chuckie: I Love You You Love Me.
  • We're Best Friends Like Friends Should Be With A Great Big Hug & The Kiss From Me To You.
  • Won't You Say You Lovee Mee Toooooooooooooo.
  • Barney: Bye Bye Nick Kids Disney Kids & Caillou So Long Have Great Time Bye
  • Edi & Waffle.
  • Edi & Waffle: Bye Bye Barney I'll See Ya Tomorrow.
  • Tommy & Chuckie: Bye Barney.
  • Phineas Flynn & Ferb: See Ya Later Barney.
  • Caillou: Bye Barney
  • (The Caillou Turn Off The Lights)
  • (Barney Doll Than It Winks)

More Of The Transcript Comes Soon.

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