• Olie's Dad: Well, Mom, this timer will be telling us when the eggs will be hatching.
  • Olie's Mom: Seeing little ducklings hatching will be wonderful.
  • Billy Bevel: Did you hear that? The eggs will be hatching soon.
  • Wheelie: Tommy did they say that baby ducks will be hatching?
  • Billy Bevel: Yep they will.
  • Princess Eilonwy: It's gonna be great seeing those little fella's waking up from their birth.
  • Merlin the Wizard: In my days we used fireplaces to keep your eggs warm.
  • Princess Aurora: Hey listen to this. The characters from "Tom and Jerry" have gone missing.
  • Olie's Mom: Dad! The timer is beeping!
  • Olie's Dad: That must mean it's time!
  • Radio: What do you think are going to happen to those things?
  • Blanky: They trying to help those things.
  • Olie's Mom: This egg might not be able to make it.
  • Princess Eilonwy: Well I'll be. That little fella's out of the room.
  • Olie's Mom: Why it's a dog.
  • Olie's Dad: What should we name him?
  • Olie's Mom: He is grey so I was thinking Spot is a good name.
  • [Inside the doctor's room. The Olie's Mom to Olie and Spot was definity noticed.]
  • Olie's Mom: Olie meet your new friend Spot. Spot this is your friend Olie.
  • Olie Polie: What... what?
  • Olie's Mom: See, they already love each other.
  • [Spot licking her Olie's cheek. Olie's Mom telling the peck Olie.]
  • Olie's Mom: No no no no. No pecking my Olie!
  • [Olie's Dad picks up a Spot. Suddenly Olie gets crying was only cudding him.]
  • Olie Polie: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Olie's Mom: Dad, do something!
  • Olie's Dad: I'm doing something, Mom!
  • Princess Eilonwy: Well... that's a start.
  • [Soon three days had passed and the dogs were at the Polie's house but Mom was worried that Spot was going to try to hurt Olie again so she told Dad to keep Spot in his cage and never let him out. But Olie was still crying.]
  • Olie's Dad: Mom, what are we gonna do? He hasn't stop crying since we brought a home!
  • Wheelie: Why is your brother so sad about Billy?
  • Billy Bevel: I don't know? It must be pretty bad.
  • Radio: Maybe because your parents don't want him to play with Spot.
  • Billy Bevel, Wheelie: What?
  • Kirby, Radio: Don't want him to play with Spot!
  • [Spot as in the basement hearing Olie still crying. Even though animals can't talk Spot can think.]
  • Olie Polie: Get out! Get out!
  • Olie's Mom: Dad!
  • Olie's Dad: Or not.
  • Olie Polie: (Cries) WAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Olie's Dad: Mom, could you come down here for a minute?
  • Olie's Mom: Oh all right.
  • Olie's Dad: Mom, have you noticed how Olie stopped crying?

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