transcript :

Narrator : One peaceful morning, Tommy and his friends were going to Piggy's Pizza Palace.

Chuckie : Ooh, I wish I had Piggy or Ringo...

Tommy : Cheer up, Chuckie.

Angelica : Ooooh! A Cynthia Dream Car! I wish I could drive it.

Chuckie : Look! It's a big ball pit! Kimi and I played in it at daycare last week.

Angelica : Hooray! I got a thousand tickets!

Man : Dum-dee-dum.

Angelica : Huh? Hiiiiya! Whoa!

Another Man : Sorry, kid. You gotta stay here in the pig pen for ten minutes. Good-bye.

Angelica : But it's not my fault! ( sobs )

Tommy : Let's go before Angelica gets the car!

Phil and Lil : Okay!

Chuckie : Not me. Oh, I gotta be sick.

Angelica : ( goes out of the pig pen and drives the car ) Vroom! Vroom!

Man : Was that great? Thanks for Piggy and his barnyard friends! ( snorts )


Narrator : The end.

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