Rugrats and Spongebob/Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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  • Tommy Pickles as Mario
  • Phil DeVille as Luigi
  • Chuckie Finster as Yoshi
  • Timmy McNulty as Bowser
  • Todd McNutlty as Bowser Jr.
  • Lil DeVille as Peach
  • Angelica Pickles as Daisy
  • Teddy McNulty as Wario
  • Terry McNulty as Waluigi
  • Stu Pickles as Donkey Kong
  • Howard DeVille as Toad
  • Spongebob as Sonic
  • Patrick as Tails
  • Mr. Krabs as Knuckles
  • Sandy as Amy
  • Pearl as Blaze
  • Squidward as Shadow
  • Squlliam as Silver
  • Larry as Vector
  • Guard 1 as Espio
  • Guard 2 as Charmy
  • Plankton as Dr. Eggman
  • Robot Spongebob as Metal Sonic
  • Mindy as Cream
  • Karen as Rouge

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