Rugrats the Fourth of July part 2

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Angelica: Don't You think get to tommy.

Tommy: Not Now Angelica, I know who talking about who.

Angelica: And just, it just a take a Babies where call him tommy.

You know. You always so special place, for you.

Reptar: Hi. I'm Reptar (laughs)

Phil: Tommy, Chuckie's Got a fourth of July.

Lil: Tommy, Chuckie's got a Coming a fourth of July.

Tommy: That's not a June, is a July,

Chuckie: Stay there. Green Shirt and, Yellow hair, stretchy blue shirt, Let me show you something, he look exept, in your culture,

This is color of red, this is a color in my shoe,

Phil: Nice!

Lil: Well perfect into?

Angelica: We need will doesn't is it until fact, anyone know,

Tommy: Alright, that's it, listen, Orange Hair, you stay alway from babies, he's mine, and no one, it's taken alway from me,

Chuckie: Okay, here we go, Chuckie's All like him so he got I...

Tommy: And another thing, stop that it Chuckie, it is respect it,

Chuckie: Are you saying for the large complete tommy.

Tommy: I even know we're anywhere Chuckie.

Tommy and Chuckie: Oh No!

Stu: Yes, (laughs)

Angelica: It's Stu

Lil: I thought with a Fireworks,

Phil: You must a take a right this year,

Angelica: Who is the this time,

Tommy: It's a Monkey

Chuckie: What's going on Tommy,

Tommy: Nothing cause you at Chuckie,

Angelica: It said are you doing it's that,

Phil: Babies, torture,

Lil: He's got a monkey's is the ran away,

Chuckie: Why, You are very fellow,

Tommy: No, that's it dog, That's Stu,

Stu: Okay, it's time for blast off, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

Monkey: (exploded)

Stu: Yes, he's got a history, I got some new shoe, (laughs)

Phil: All stars, Angelica sherver cattle love vo,

Angelica: That's soon we move, the better,

Phil: Come on Lil, I'll show you wanna babies,

Lil: Thank you Phil,

Chuckie: We got where hold a lesson,

Tommy: Yes, Sure, Go Ahead, Chuckie a glasses off,

Chuckie: Don't Touch it, this is glasses on,

Angelica: Come On, Chuckie,

Chuckie: I could it stop Him,

Angelica: I'm Sure you could have Chuckie,

Tommy: Thank you very much,

Air Date

October 24, 2012

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