Rule 3:36 is rapper Ja Rule's second album. The album did better than expected and cemented Ja's position in the rap world. The album went 3 times platinum, and was on #1 in the Billboard 200 for one week. The album sold over 275,000 copies in the first week, and featured; hits like "Between Me And You", "Put It On Me" and "I Cry". The album also contained a song called Fuck You, which was titled Furious for radio play. The song received average airplay, and is also on the soundtrack to the Fast And The Furious (where it is titled Furious." It is considered one of the albums highlights despite it's non-radio and offensive tone. The disc is still mostly radio-friendly pop themed music unlike his other albums, which contain disses of a more dark tone.

The album still contains explicit material, and was made in a clean version which only removes profanity and drug/violent lyrics are left in. Although, some profanity like the words "hoes" and "ass" are also left in.

  • #1 3x Platinum (U.S)

Track listing

  1. "Intro" [produced by Lil' Rob]
  2. "Watching Me"
  3. "Between Me And You" (featuring Christina Milian) [produced by Lil' Rob]
  4. "Put It On Me" (featuring Vita) [produced by Tru Stylze]
  5. "6 Feet Underground" [produced by Self]
  6. "Love Me, Hate Me" [produced by Lil' Rob]
  7. "Die" (featuring Tah Murdah, Black Child & Dave Bing) [produced by Tyrone Fyffe]
  8. "Fuck You" (featuring 01 & Vita) [produced by Dat Nigga Reb]
  9. "I'll Fuck U Girl" (Skit)
  10. "Grey Box" (Skit)
  11. "Extasy" (featuring Tah Murdah, Black Child & Jayo Felony) [produced by Lil' Rob]
  12. "It's Your Life" (featuring Shade Sheist) [produced by Damizza]
  13. "I Cry" (featuring Lil' Mo) [produced by Lil' Rob]
  14. "One Of Us" [produced by Lil' Rob]
  15. "Chris Black" (Skit)
  16. "Rule Won't Die" [produced by Lil' Rob]

Chart positions

Year Chart Position
2000 The Billboard 200 1
Precedido por:
Sucedido por:

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