Basically each page will have rules on it. If there are no rules on the page then the following are all that apply

Do not delaete any one elses work, unless given permision. Do not add anything to aproved pages. If you are creating your own Charector, ship, or anything else not in Star Wars already, please put pictures, and be very discriptive. If you are making a Ship then use approved ones already there as a template.


APP=Approved, only edit spelling, if you want to add or change information, then put a star next to the APP, and place your change below. Only the Fleet Admiral can approve changes, however if the author of the approved page wants to edit they do not need a star but must put changes and additions under a new subheading. Canon sources do not apply to this, they can be changed by anyone anytime.

ADD=If an addition to an APP is allowed then this will be placed, only people who put the stars next to the APP can edit these pages plus the people who made them. After you have made your additions, then subtract your star from the APP.

NAP=Needs a picture, all else is to be treated as approved, but needs a picture.

NAS=Needs a source or Appearence, for anything placed in the Cannon area of ships and Charectors, from any Cannon souces, you need to list the source.

DEL=If a pages name is accepted but the rest of it needs compleate revision, then evryone has open reign to deleat, edit, add, ect to the whole page.


To Create a Charector=use a name from the Star Wars Name List and a species from the Star Wars Species list. Make or get a picture to use and place your charector in the New Charector List under Charectors. Then on your info for your charector place a request for a position either as a pilot, officer, Squadron commander, commander of a task force. You need a Ranks to create squadrons, NPC charectors(non-cannon), task forces, ect.

To create a NPC=Same as creating a charector, but if you command anything you can place them right under your command. With these charectors, you must be much more descriptive with it, for people who make the stories might use them.

More will come latter-stay tuned

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