Run Yolei Run is the eighteenth episode of Digimon Adventure 2. In the episode, after discovering the Headquarters called "Jolly Roger", the group decide that the must remain in the Digital World until the Digimon Emperor, Captain Hook, Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein are defeated for good.

The English Version is written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden.


The DigiDestined both new and old search all round the Digital World for the Digimon Emperor, Jafar, Dr. Frankenstein and Captain Hook and their secret base. Cody, Izzy and Iago are first to discover a plethora of Control Spires and Digimon, who are appearing from the "Jolly Roger", Captain Hook's Pirate Ship.

Everyone returns to the real world and Cody and Iago explain what they saw. Izzy quickly draws up a map of the spires it's clear that a path has formed where the spires are appearing. They decide the best thing to do would be to destroy the Jolly Roger, therefore leave Dr. Frankenstein's inventions useless. They agree that hey will have to stay in the Digital World until the Ship is destroyed and they have to find a way around the obvious problem of what to tell their parents. The older DigiDestined fell useless because their partners can't digivolve, but Tai and says that they can help out by performing in "Ragtime" on Broadway. He explains that telling their parents they are performing on Broadway is a good excuse for not be home for a few days. The older kids can cover up for the younger children if their parents call.

Back in the Digital World, the children and the Genies soon discover that the Jolly Roger is not where it was the day before. They are all quite baffled but an eager Yolei climbs one of the Control Spires and clims the Ship used Pixie Dust and flew away into the sky. She lashes out at Tentomon because he should've been guarding the area and then climbs down the slide of a cliff only to find Dokugumon, Dr. Frankenstein and the others at the bottom. Hawkmon saves her just in time from being attacked but is injured himself. Veemon digivolves to Flamedramon to fight off Dokugumon and destroy the Dark Spiral that was on him and throw Dr. Frankenstein into a tree.

Yolei starts bawling and decides to stay behind and protected the injured Hawkmon. Seeing how much Yolei means alot, Groucho did some Matchmaking by convincing Davis to stay with her while the others continue searching for the Pirate Ship. Hawkmon eventually wakes up and Yolei apologizes for being so stubborn and determined. Hawkmon reassures her though, saying the he likes her the way the way she is. That night, Hawkmon and Veemon did some exercises to help up with the health and improve Hawkmon's strength. Under the cliff, Davis and Yolei sit under a giant tree. When they went to sleep, they began to dream in a form of a Broadway Ballet.


(OPENING SCENE: The DigiDestined are looking around the Digital World for the Digimon Emperor, Captain Hook, Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein.)

Groucho: Do you see anything?

T.K.: I don't see anything!

Harpo: Me either.

Matt: I wonder what Cody's doing.

(Cody, Izzy and Iago are looking on a mountain. Cody slips and falls.)

Cody: Ahh!

(Izzy catches him.)

Izzy: You okay, Cody?

Cody: Yeah, thanks to you!

Izzy: You can make it. We're almost at the top!

Iago: Just don't look down!

Tentomon: You three get up here right away! You won't believe it!

Izzy: We'll be right there, Tentomon!

(Izzy and Cody climb to where Tentomon was talking about, Iago does the same by flying.)

Cody: I don't believe it!

Tentomon: I told you!

Cody: I'm seeing things, i think.

Iago: Unbelievable!

(There are lots of Control Spires, along with lots of Digimon Slaves fighting each other.)

Armadillomon: Dig this!

Izzy: Woah! Look at all those!

Iago: There are hundreds of Control Spires!

Cody: And hundreds of Evil Digimon Slaves!

Iago and Armadillomon: Poor Digimon!

Armadillomon: Seems to me those DarkTyrannomon are coming out of that Pirate Ship!

Izzy: I bet that's where the Jolly Roger is. Because it is the Jolly Roger!

(At the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein are whipping the Whips to let the Digimon Slaves work faster to build more Control Spires.)

Captain Hook: On with it, Boys! We have Control Spires to build!

Dr. Frankenstein: And there's plenty more where that came from!

Igor: Get a move on!

Alf Mason: Captain, look! The DigiDestined!

Captain Hook: WHAT!?! Go with Kuwagamon!

Alf Mason: Aye Aye Captain!

Iago: Uh oh, we better get out of here!

Izzy: I hope we don't need your help, Tentomon. It would be impossible for you to Digivolve with all these Control Spires! Maybe they haven't spotted us!

(A Kuwagamon flies up to them with Alf Mason riding it.)

Alf Mason: Think again!

Izzy: Ugh!

Cody: Ah!

Armadillomon and Iago: YIKES!!


Armadillomon: I've got a funny feeling about this!

Iago: Well, if you did, you would squash him like a thin Bug.

Alf Mason: I got you now!

Cody: Get him, Armadillomon! DigiArmour Energize!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Armour Digivoulve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!

Alf Mason: Prepare to die, DigiDestined! Attack my Insect friend!

(Kuwagamon starts to attack.)

Cody and Izzy: Ah!

Digmon: Guess who?

Alf Mason: Not you again!

(Cody, Izzy and Iago ride down the mountain on a piece of metal.)

Cody, Iago and Izzy: Ah!

Izzy: My D3's going wild!

Digimon Emperor and Jafar: Going somewhere?

Cody: The Digimon Emperor!

Izzy: And Jafar too!

Digimon Emperor: So nice of you to drop in on the Jolly Roger!

Jafar: It saves us the time of hunting you down.

Tentomon: I could TRY to Digivolve!

Izzy: Go!

Bill Jukes: Think again, Tentomon! FIRE!!

(Bill Jukes fires a Cannon in front of Tentomon.)

Tentomon: (Coughing) I can't Digivolve! I think i need a stronger perscription.

Digimon Emperor: How many times do we have to tell you people? You're sitting in the 'No-Digivolving' section!

Jafar: And that means, no Digimon will be able to Digivolve, even if they tried to!

Bill Jukes: And now, you will meet your doom! FIRE!!

(Bill Jukes fires the Cannon at the mountain ground. Cody, Izzy and Iago fall though a hole in the mountain.)

All: Ah!

Cody: Thanks, Digmon!

Digmon: Do i know how to dig a hole, or what?

(Digmon digs them away from danger.)

Digmon: You're in the clear!

Cody: There are no Control Spires around here!

Izzy: Tentomon!

Tentomon: I'll give it another shot! Tentomon, Digivolve to...Kabuterimon!

Dr. Frankenstein: There'll be more Control Spires to build before this day is out! HEY!

(Kabuterimon grabs Dr. Frankensteins' underwear and pulls it over his head.)

Kabuterimon: Wedgie!

Dr. Frankenstein: What the? Who turned out the lights!?!

Kabuterimon: This is for building the Control Spires in an illegal space, Frankenstein!

Dr. Frankenstein: Oooh, that Kabuterimon! Wait till i get my hands on that giant Bug!

Bill Jukes: So that's Kabuterimon? I think i'll add him to the Collection.

Digimon Emperor: Shut up, you fool! We've got business to attend to.

Jafar: Pipe up the Crew! We're going ashore to build more Control Spires!

Bill Jukes: Yes sir! Take over the Ship until we come back, Noodler!

Noodler: You got it, Bill!


(Cody, Izzy and Iago come through the DigiPort)

Tai: That's everyone!

Izzy: Is my mom here?

Chico: No, we were lucky.

Groucho: We all made it back before she got home.

Izzy: That was close.

Tai: What did you find in the Digital World?

Cody: The whole place was covered with a bunch of Control Spires.

Yolei: I knew it!

Zeppo: You are a genius.

Davis: That Captain Hook can sure be one Scurvy Codfish for building Control Spires!

T.K.: Tell us about it. There were hundreds of them!

Genie: There must have been hundreds of thousands of them!

Cody: We found something else, too! The Jolly Roger!

The Mask: The Jolly Roger?

Iago: Yeah, Captain Hook's Pirate Ship!

Tentomon: (from the Computer) I'll keep my eye open here and report back if there's any trouble.

Izzy: Right. Alright, everybody should take a look at this.

All: Huh?

Izzy: First, look at the area that Davis' group explored. Next, the area that T.K.'s group was in. Next, the area that Groucho's group was in. Finally, here's where my group was. If we connect them together, it's a path.

The Mask: Do you suggest that the Control Spires are creating a path?

Izzy: Yes, Mask. These Control Spires are lined up by Dr. Frankenstein.

Gummo: I'll bet that's where Jafar was leading the Minions to build the Spires.

Matt: And what makes you so sure about that, Gummo?

Gummo: Well, you see, Jafar was lining up the Minions and the Digimon Slaves to build the Control Spires and line them up to form a path. You do have a great idea, don't you?

Matt: Not in the least.

Poromon: They're taking over all the areas! Talk about nesting!

Patamon: There will be nothing left of our world!

DemiVeemon: Not to mention our friends!

Kokomon: Captain Hook is nothing but trouble for a Pirate Captain!

Upamon: That's it! Now i'm really starting to get upset!

Gatomon: If we only could destory that Pirate Ship.

Kari: Wait a minute, that's it. If we destroy the Jolly Roger, then Dr. Frankenstein's Control Spires would be useless.

Genie: That make sense.

Davis: So then why are we sitting around like a bunch of Indians? I say we go to the Digital World, find the Jolly Roger, sink it to the bottom of the Ocean and feed those Crooks to the Crocodile! Right, DemiVeemoon?

DemiVeemon: Right.

T.K.: What do you want to do? Cut off their right hands and throw them to the Crocodile so that he'll follow them from Land to Land and from Sea to Sea, licking its Chops for the rest of them?

Davis: Well, all right. I suppose we have to come up with some sort of plan.

Yolei: He's right. But it's going to take a lot of thinking about defeating Captain Hook and his Pirates.

T.K.: I agree. And i also think it's going to take longer than one day to accomplish! 

Yolei: Huh? I suppose if we all had to be back by a certain time, we wouldn't be able to concentrate on destroying the Pirate Ship.

Kari: More likely, we'll be followed by Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein.

Genie: And i think it's very complicated to keep track of them.

Davis: Right. Then we all have to agree on one thing: We don't return until the Jolly Roger is destroyed.

Yolei: Huh? You mean...

Cody: I don't know. If i'm not there for my Mom's Tuna Casserole, she'll now something's wrong! I haven't missed one in two years!

Willis: Unfortunately, Jafar will be casting more Spells and Curses!

Davis: What are we supposed to do?

Gummo: Just make up some excuse to tell her, like you got kidnapped by Captain Hook!

Kari: If you told your parents that, Gummo, they'd actually believe you?

Gummo: 'Course not! They don't believe anything i say! They only believe that i'd become a Genie of the lamp, like my Brothers, except Zeppo.

Willis: More likely, you would tell her that you're off to the Coco Bongo!

The Mask: That's right, and you must've seen the growing popularity of the Coco Bongo Salad Bar, Gummo. They have Hicama and Garlic Bread.

Izzy: Ugh...with all these Control Spires in the Digital World, there's no way our Digimon will ever be able to Digivolve!

Matt: That means that us older kids would be useless if we went to the Digital World with you guys.

Tai: That's true, Matt, but there's other ways we can help you without actually going with them! Like Broadway! While you guys are in the Digital World, we'll go to Broadway!

Kari: Huh?

Genie: What?

Groucho: What are you saying, Tai?

T.K.: How's it going to help us if we're fighting the Emperor, Hook, Jafar and Frankenstein while you guys are performing on the Great White Way?

Tai: It's simple. There's a New Production of "Ragtime" coming at the T.S. Eliot Theater. We'll be auditioning for Flaherty and Ahrens. But if we don't, we'll audition for another Broadway Play or Musical. So, the older kids will audition and cover for you!

Matt: Great idea, Tai. Plus, we get to work with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Audra McDonald!

Tai: Tough job, but someone's got to do it!

(There's a knock on the door.)

Izzy: Ugh, come in...

Mrs. Izumi: Oh, you're home! Hello!

(When Mrs. Izumi walks in, T.K. and Kari are holding each other, dancing, Davis and Yolei are arm wrestling with Cody and Willis watching, The Mask and Genie are painting together, Matt and Tai are looking at a Globe, Izzy is holding all the Digimon, pretending they are stuffed animals and the Genies are disguised as Statues.)

Izzy: Ah, hi there, mom!

All: Hello, Mrs. Izumi!

Mrs. Izumi: Hi kids! What are you all doing inside on such a nice day?

All: Uh...

(They all look at Izzy.)

Izzy: Uh well...we're discussing going to Broadway, there's a Production of "Ragtime" coming at the T.S. Eliot Theater.

Mrs. Izumi: That sounds like fun, but you're going to need Chaperone. Who's the adult who's going with you?

Izzy: Uh...

Matt: Oh, don't wory! My parents will take us! My Dad is such a talented Composer and Conductor.

Tai: (Whispering) Are you sure?

Matt: Sure i do.


Mr. Ishida: Sounds great. You know, i'm gonna Conduct the Orchestra as well.

Matt: Alright! Looks like you're gonna play the Piano. Just imagine...listening to Ragtime and seeing us on Stage.

Mrs. Ishida: Isn't T.K. coming?

Matt: Unfortunately, no. He and his friends are going on a camping trip.


June: "Ragtime"? And at the T.S. Eliot Theater? I'm going there.

The Mask: Sure you are. So sad to say that the rest of us are leaving for a camping trip.

June: Are T.K. and the others going?

Davis: Yep, they're coming with us.

June: Is Matt going Camping, too?

Davis: No, he and the others are auditioning for "Ragtime".

June: In that case, i'm going to the T.S. Eliot Theater to audition.

The Mask: Fine by us, you audition, the rest of us go Camping.


(Yolei thinks back at what the group said earlier - she's having doubts.)

T.K.: I also think it's going to take more than one day to accomplish!

Kari: More likely, we'll be followed by Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein.

Davis: Right! Then we all have to agree on one thing: We don't leave until the Jolly Roger is destroyed!

Willis: Unfortunately, Jafar will be casting more Spells and Curses!

Yolei: Alright. Even though i'm going to be gone a long time, and i'll miss Starlight Express and Cats, i am totally up for for this!

Poromon: You shouldn't be up at all! We went to bed hours aho! Some of us are trying to sleep! Good night! Hmph!

Yolei: Yeah. Good night. (Thinking) Go Yolei, Go Yolei, Go! Go Yolei, Go Yolei, Go!

(The next day, in Izzy's room. The group prepares for "Camping".)

Yolei: Digimon Emperor, Captain Hook, Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein, prepare to go down! We're going to teach those Evil Genius Scalliwags a lesson they'll never forget!

Patamon: She's excited to go.

Poromon: I know! She's been like this all night.

Yolei: Hyah! Rrr! Ya! Hyah!

(Yolei does some Karate moves on the air.)

Izzy: Hey, Yolei, save some for the Digimon Emperor, Hook, Jafar and Frankenstein.

Gummo: Are you sure that she'll use any of these moves to defeat Hook?

Izzy: Hopefully, Gummo. Captain Hook is one Scurvy Codfish.

(Yolei marches in front of the Kids.)

Yolei: Left, Right, Left, Right and Halt!

T.K. and Genie: Sir, yes sir!

Matt: You've got a lot to learn about Women, T.K.!

Izzy: Be safe.

Kari: Right!

Yolei: Alright! Time to go! Let the Battle begin! DigiPort Open! Yeehaw!



(Scott Gatsby is directing the Dress Rehearsal of the Prologue.)

Scott Gatsby: Alright, let's take it from the top. I want you all to do your best and let's get it right, okay? Great. Now, from the top!

(Song: Prologue from Ragtime)

Scott Gatsby: Wonderful! Wonderful! You all did so great! Listen up, everybody. The Show will premiere next week, so make sure you remember the Lines and Lyrics.

Company: Yes sir!

Tai: Wonder what the others are doing?

Matt: No need to worry, T.K. and the others are doing fine.

Izzy: Hopefully, because the Digimon Emperor, Captain Hook, Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein will stop them in their tracks.

(In the Digital World)

Cody: The Jolly Roger is up here!

Iago: Follow me!

Hawkmon: Yolei, will you slow down for a minute?!

Cody and Iago: Huh?

Tentomon: I don't mean to alarm you guys, but the Jolly Roger is gone!

Company: Huh?

T.K.: It can't be!

Kari: Let's have a look.

Cody: It was right here!

Davis: Where did it go?

Groucho: Maybe it was sailing on the dry land.

Armadillomon: Since they were leaving, they could have done the polite thing and taken the Control Spires with them.

Gatomon: Has anyone seen Yolei?

Veemon: No idea.

Kari and Davis: Look down there!

Yolei: Wee!

(Yolei slides down the hill.)

Hawkmon: Yolei, can't we take the Scenic Route?

Company: Ugh...

Davis: Are you sure you saw it?

Genie: Maybe it was full of Pixie Dust and turned it into a Mossage.

Cody: You mean a Mirage?

Genie: No, i meant something that made it disappear into thin air.

Gummo: How can a whole Pirate Ship simply disappear into thin air?

Harpo: Maybe, Jafar used his wand to make vanish into thin air.

Zeppo: Hope he doesn't mix it up with Dark Magic.

Chico: What do we do?

T.K.: We keep on looking.

Groucho: We promised not to leave until the Ship is destroyed and sunk to the bottom of the Ocean.

Davis: Leave it to me! I'll find the Jolly Roger! All we have to do is follow the Ship tracks in the dirt!

(Yolei climbs a Control Spire.)

Yolei: Up here!

All: Huh?

The Mask: What's with her?

Hawkmon: Yolei seems to be loosing it!

Yolei: I know what happened! The entire Ship just used Pixie Dust and flew right up into the sky!

Hawkmon: Ridiculous. If that happened, someone would have seen it!

Yolei: That's right. It was you!

(Yolei points an accusing finger at Tentomon.)

Tentomon: Me?

Yolei: You were guarding this area the entire time we were gone, now tell us what you saw, or else!

Hawkmon: Stop yelling at Tentomon, Yolei! He tried.

Yolei: Well, he should have tried HARDER!!

Hawkmon: I am terribly sorry, Tentomon. Yolei really doesn't mean any of this, she's been under a lot of strain lately.

Tentomon: Well, must she yell at me? Can't she take a Yoga Class or something?

Grovermon: What's she doing now, Gonzomon?

Gonzomon: I'm not going to ask her what she's doing as long as she has that hammer in her hand.

(Yolei is nailing a rope to the ground.)

Yolei: Troops, i'm off to scout Captian Hook's Pirate Ship Empire. I'll report back soon with good news.

Hawkmon: Yolei, wait for me!

Zeppo: Uh oh, now they're heading for it!

All: Oh!

(Yolei and Hawkmon go down the side of the hill.)

Hawkmon: Yolei, what are you doing? Are you losing your mind? What has gotten into you lately?

Yolei: Leave me alone, Hawkmon! This Adventure is different! I am a highly motivated Young Woman, and i can achive any goal i set my sights on!

(Dokugumon appears in the ravine, with Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and the Pirates riding on it.)

Dr. Frankenstein: Aha, now i got you!

Yolei: Ah!

(Digimon Analyser)

Hawkmon: Oh no! It's the dreaded Dokugumon! He's a Poison Digimon, who's special attack is 'Poison Thread'! You don't want get caught up in his web!

Dr. Frankenstein: Ja! Because of you and your snooty friends, my Dokugumon will destroy you once and for all.

Alf Mason: Dokugumon is one of a kind!

Mr. Starkey: And now, you will die!

Dr. Frankenstein: Prepare to meet your doom, Yolei! (Laughs evily)

Yolei: Ahhh!!

Igor: Alright, Dokugumon! Do your stuff!

Dokugumon: Poison Thread!

Hawkmon: Yolei!

(Hawkmon is hit with Dokugumon's attack,)

Yolei: Hawkmon!

T.K.: Yolei, get out of here!

The Mask: You'll be squashed like a Bug!

Genie: Or something much smaller!

Dr. Frankenstein: Gotten Himmel! You've got Hawkmon, but you've missed Yolei!

Veemon: Davis!

Davis: Yeah! DigiArmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon Armour Digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Dr. Frankenstein: What!?! You've got to be kidding me! Seize him!

(Everyone pulls Yolei and Hawkmon up the hill.)

Yolei: Hawkmon, speak to me!

Tentomon: Pull, everyone! Pull!

Kari: We've got to keep them away from Frankenstein!

Dokugumon: Hold still!

Igor: Wait till we get our hands of those twerps!

Yolei: Hawkmon...hang on!

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket! Fire Rocket!

Dr. Frankenstein: RETREAT!!!!

(Flamedramon defeats Dokugumon.)

Davis: We got you, Yolei!

Yolei: Hawkmon! Hawkmon! Hawkmon! HAWKMON!!!

(The Dark Spiral falls to the ground and smashes.)

Flamedramon: You're busted. Hmm.

(Flamedramon grabs Dr. Frankenstein by the neck.)

Dr. Frankenstein: OUCH!! Easy on the Blades!

Flamedramon: Now then, Dr. Frankenstein, tell us where we can find the Jolly Roger?

Dr. Frankenstein: Better get a pencil, start at Kidd's Creek, then forty paces east to Pirate River, hop, skip and jump across Matermon's Nile, then north by northeast at 500 kilometres. It's right past Vajeanmon's Cave, you can't miss it, Ja! The Jolly Roger doesn't exist, comprende? Just like you don't exist, Flamedramon. You're make believe, you're nothing but a Butterfly Fantasy from some Artist penned, you get it? You and your friends shouldn't even be here! Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look all you want, you're never gonna find your Titanic. The Jolly Roger ain't real, hello!?!

Flamedramon: In that case, i've got no choice but to do this!

(Flamedramon punches Dr. Frankenstein.)

Dr. Frankenstein: Ah! Youch, it really breaks by neck!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

(He flys over the sky, only to land on a tree and fall. He splashes into a lake, where the Pirates and Igor landed before.)

Igor: I've figured Flamedramon is stronger than we thought, Master.

Dr. Frankenstein: Oh shut up, Igor. We've got bigger plans to finish up. Swim back to shore, we have to get back to the Jolly Roger. I'm getting a bit of a bad cold.

Igor: Yes Master.

(Back at the forest, Hawkmon is lying down lifelessly with his head on Yolei's backpack.)

Zeppo: Take it easy boys.

Veemon: How's Hawkmon doing?

Harpo: I think he'll be alright.

Kari: We wrapped him up in bandages. Now we just have to keep him safe until he heals.

Genie: He sure was brave, saving Yolei like that.

(Gummo and Harpo turn to see Yolei crying on her knees. She then takes off her helmet and throws it to the ground, further away from her.)

Gummo: Speaking of Yolei, i don't think she's coping very well.

Harpo: Looks like she's in a terrible lot of trouble.

Yolei: (Crying) Hawkmon....

Davis: Yolei? Oh. Huh?

Yolei: I'll stay here and take care of Hawkmon, okay? You guys, go out and find the Jolly Roger.

Davis: But...

(Yolei walks to the group.)

Yolei: (Crying) I don't want to cause trouble for anyone else! Please, just go!

(Groucho looks concernly at the crying Yolei and scratches his head.)

Groucho: (Thoughtfully) Gosh. I've never seen Yolei so Depressed like that. I've gotta have someone to cheer her up, but how and who? (Notices Davis) Of course. She needs a Boyfriend and i think i found one already.

(Groucho turns around and sees Yolei falling on her knees, still crying.)

Groucho: (Thoughtfully) Uh oh, better go to Davis.

(Slithers quietly behind Davis and taps his Umbrella on his shoulder.)

Groucho: Pssst, Davis.

Davis: Huh?

Groucho: You're a randy for Yolei, so you should try to cheer her up. What Veemon did to save Yolei was so awesome, you should try to do the same.

Davis: What, but how? I don't know what to do with her like that.

Groucho: Yes you do, just look at her. The Eyes, the Tears, the Drama, the Poignancy, would it break you to see her like that?

(Groucho points his Umbrella to Yolei.)

Davis: Possibly, but i don't do that kind of stuff.

Groucho: Enough about you, Casanova. Think about her.

Davis: Huh?

Groucho: She's Gentle, Sweet, Nice, Sincere, the Hair, the Eyes, anything. Pick a feature.

Davis: What do you mean? How am i suppose to know Yolei's features?

Groucho: Try to use compliments.

Davis: Compliments?

Groucho: You know? Splendid, Wonderful, Magnificent, Glorious, Punctual!

Davis: Punctual?

T.K. and Kari: Punctual?

Patamon and Gatomon: Punctual?

Cody, Zeppo, Harpo and Chico: Punctual?

The Mask and Genie: Punctual?

Willis and Gummo: Punctual?

Veemon, Armadillomon, Tentomon, Terriermon, Grovermon, Gonzomon and Iago: Punctual?

Groucho: Sorry.

Cody: I think you mean Beautiful.

Groucho: Nice recovery. (as Jack Nicholson) Besides, Davis, here's the deal. If you want Yolei to love you again, you gotta be a straight shooter. Do you got it?

Davis: What?

Groucho: Try to be more SERIOUS!!!

Davis: No way! Remember what Yolei said about finding a cute boy like T.K., but not a big jerk like me? She thinks i'm a jerk.

(Groucho pops out of Davis' head wearing his Goggles.)

Groucho: A Woman appreciates a Man who thinks he's a jerk.

(He then disappears and comes out of Davis' coat, looking serious.)

Groucho: Anyway, all joking aside, you really oughta comfort her. Try to remember that you are there for her.

Veemon: Don't you worry about us Davis, we'll be hiding behind the bushes.

(They zip into the Bushes, leaving Davis alone with Yolei who was further from him. Veemon and Groucho pop out of a Tree.)

Groucho and Veemon: Try your best.

(They soon pop into the Tree again.)

Harpo: How about we leave them alone?

T.K.: Alright then.

Willis: He's right. Let's go.

Kari: Right.

Cody: Let's get a move on.

The Mask: Way back at you.

T.K.: But what about Davis, isn't he coming with us?

Groucho: Davis will stay here with Yolei. More of the Pirates and Slaves might attack, so they'll need Veemon, Chico and i as bodyguards.

Veemon and Chico: Good point.

Genie: Alright. If anything happens, we can always email each other. 

Kari: And you'll always know where we are through the D 3s.

T.K.: If we haven't found the Ship by nightfall, we'll come back here. Okay?

Groucho: Okay, Magic Carpet will guide you, seeya later.

Veemon: Be careful.

Zeppo: Yeah, you too.

(Magic Carpet flies behind Davis, who doesn't hear them. Groucho looks through two small holes from a Tree.)

Groucho: That will keep Davis undistracted. If the Matchmaking works, it's love at first sight.

Veemon: How's Davis doing?

Groucho: Shh...Take a look.

(Veemon and Groucho curiously look at Davis through the holes.)

Veemon: You think he'll take care of Yolei?

Groucho: Very certain. All he need to do is show that he cares about her.

(Chico peaks from the bushes behind.)

Chico: I sure hope he knows what he's doing.

(After seeing the crying Yolei without her helmet on her knees, Davis takes a much deeper breath and quietly walks to Yolei. He crouches on his knees in front of her. He wipes away a small tear in his eye, then looks sadly at Yolei's crying face. With a serious look on his face, Davis puts his left hand on Yolei's hand and puts his right hand on her cheek and below her eyes to wipe away her tears.)

Davis: Don't cry, Yolei. I'm sorry about what happened to Hawkmon. I know you were trying to do what's right to win this battle and everything, but you're going about it the wrong way. You see, we have to work together as a team.

(He then lifts Yolei's head.)

Davis: But still, you were very brave and very strong. And nobody in the whole world would care about you the same way that i do. You are the most beautiful girl i've ever met in my life and nobody can compare to the care you always have inside your heart. Even though you were hyperactive and stubborn on the outside, you are the kindest girl i've ever met on the inside. You would never hurt anybody, not even yourself. You would never give up on anything that's important, like us. Even though you mess things up sometimes, you're always there to set things right. You have a big heart of gold and you always show love to everyone, especially me. I don't think anybody else but you can be able to become a courageous person. You would never cause trouble for anyone else. You would never tease anyone, not even your friends. Yolei, you are not alone. I'll stay here with you and take care of you and Hawkmon, no matter what.

Yolei: You will?

Davis: As long as we are together.

(Song: There's Me from Starlight Express)

(Yolei embraces Davis around his neck. His goggles fall out of his hair and onto the same place where Yolei threw her helmet earlier. Davis hugs her back by putting his arms on Yolei's back behind her hair.)

Davis: It's okay, no need to cry anymore. I'm right here beside you. I wouldn't let anything terrible happen to you.

(Then he remembers Yolei yelling at Digitamamon about loving a Boy.)

(Enter Flashback)

Yolei: I see a cute guy and i instantly fall in love! I never stop to see what kind of person he might be. They could be really cool like T.K. or a real jerk like Davis!

Davis: I guess she sincerely thinks i'm a jerk.

(End Flashback)

Davis: (Thinking) She said those words herself. Maybe she does think i'm a jerk. I don't think she'll love me for what she said about finding a boy even better than me. She will have to love someone who could be cool like T.K., but not a real jerk like me.

(Davis hugs her tight.)

Davis: (Out loud) I probably don't think you could love me the way i do to you. You might like T.K. better than me, cause you said i'm a real jerk.

Yolei: Huh?

Davis: You would not love me, for the sake of finding another cute boy like T.K., but not a real jerk like me.

Yolei: Hmm. I'm sorry i said that you're a real jerk, Davis. I actually think you're... kinda cute.

Davis: Mmm-hmm. Thanks Yolei, i think you're cute too.

(Yolei and Davis both laugh. They hug each other closer. Veemon, Chico and Groucho are sneaking behind them.)

Veemon: I think it's best to leave them alone.

Groucho: Good idea, Veemon. We'd better find some antidote for Hawkmon.

Chico: And we'd better, if Captain Hook and the others arrive, we'll get 'em good.

(Meanwhile, the Magic Carpet is still flying over the Digital World.)

Cody: There's a lot of Control Spires around here.

Tentomon: I know! I'm getting tired of Dr. Frankenstein's hypnotizing machines in my beautiful forest!

T.K.: Don't worry. When we're through here, this place will be as good as new!

Kari: By the way, Gummo. What Groucho did to convince Davis that Yolei loves him was very familiar.

Gummo: Oh, that? Well, Matt taught him that many years ago when he wanted Groucho to convince Tai that Sora loves him.

Genie: Oh yes, the Matchmaking. That's what Groucho's been doing. He was doing some Matchmaking.

Harpo: Absolutely, all from Matt the Matchmaker.

Zeppo: You might not know this yet, Cody. But we Genies have a very good way with Love.

Cody: I can see your point, Zeppo.

Zeppo: I know, it's such a pain in the neck.

The Mask: Easy there, Carpie! Full Speed ahead! We've got to find the Jolly Roger before something else happens.

T.K.: We just hope Davis and Yolei will be alright.

The Mask: Do not worry, T.K., i'm pretty sure that Davis is in good hands with Yolei. But in the meantime, we must go out and find the Jolly Roger.

(Back in the Forest, Hawkmon wakes up on Yolei's knees.)

Hawkmon: Where am i?

Yolei: You're safe now. We'll take care of you.

Davis: Just relax.

Yolei: Hawkmon, what can i do to apologize?

Hawkmon: Just...get off my tail.

Yolei: Mmm-hmm!

Davis: Oh.

Veemon: We found Tiger Lillies, it cures it all.

Chico: We found them from the bushes.

Davis: Okay. But let's give them a minute.

Veemon and Chico: Huh?

Yolei: You see, i though this was the chance to prove to myself that i was as strong as everyone else to defeat Captain Hook and his Pirates. I didn't realize that taking matters into my own hands wind up hurting someone! Especially you, i was so stubborn.

(Hawkmon laughs.)

Yolei: Hawkmon, what happened to you today is all my fault! It's like, when my mind gets set on something, i just can't stop until i'm finished! I'll understand if you want to find someone else to be your partner from now on.

Hawkmon: You're missing the point, Yolei. Those qualities you described are what make you who you are!

Yolei: Huh?

Hawkmon: Yolei, i like you exactly the way you are.

(Yolei sighs.)

Yolei: Thank you. I promise to stubbornly attack my problem of being stubborn and i'll never do anything to hurt you again!

Hawkmon: That's a relief!

(Yolei starts to hug Hawkmon.)

Hawkmon: Ow you're choking me!

(Later on...)

Hawkmon: And one and two, and one and two, a hup and a who, Flap those wings! I'd bet you can't do this, Veemon!

Veemon: Oh yeah, says who?

Hawkmon: Says me, that's who.

Veemon: Well watch me! I'll show something that i'd bet *you* can't do!

Chico: This is going to be a lot more easier than i thought.

(Song: Morgan the Commissionaire Cat from Cats)

Hawkmon: It's amazing. I haven't felt this good in years. And it's all because of Tiger Lillies! Who knew? Thanks, Groucho!

Groucho: Don't mention it, fellows. (Whispering) But you'll wake them up. So let's give them some time alone.

Hawkmon and Veemon: Huh?

Chico: What are you talking about, Groucho?

(Below the cliff, just below of where Hawkmon, Veemon, Groucho and Chico were doing some excersizes during the song, Yolei and Davis are sitting beside each other behind a huge tree. The gentle wind blowing from the east is blowing through them. Davis was gazing up the shining brightness of the full moon and the glitter of the light stars in the night sky while Yolei is resting beside him. While gazing up the moon and the stars in the sky, Yolei puts her hand on Davis' hand by putting her fingers between Davis' fingers who started to hold her hand. At that moment, Davis turned his head towards Yolei and in front of her while they looked at each other, similar to the Romance between Tai and Sora. Yolei was the first to speak.)

Yolei: Thank you, Davis. You were so awesome for what you did to save us. That was very brave of you.

Davis: Gee, thanks Yolei. But i'm not the one to be thanked, you should thank Veemon. He's the one who saved you and Hawkmon. You should've seen what Flamedramon did to defeat Dokugumon and to destroy the Dark Ring.

Yolei: No matter, i can still thank both of you for saving me. Davis, i'm so sorry for the way i treated you and your friends. I didn't mean to be so hyperactive and stubborn, i did this because i thought that this was a chance to show you all that i'm just as stronger as anybody else. Davis, what happened to Hawkmon was all my fault. I was the one who caused Hawkmon to be poisoned. I wanted to prove that i was brave, but i was wrong. I should've listened to you when i had the chance, Davis. So, i'm sorry for what i've done.

Davis: It's okay, Yolei. I understand. You are brave. You never did anything wrong, you just misunderstood but you did the right thing and i'm very proud of you, Yolei. You have nothing to be sorry about.

(Yolei rests her head on Davis' shoulder while they snuggle together even closer to each other.)

Yolei: Beautiful night, isn't it?

Davis: Very beautiful. Everytime i look at the moon and the stars, i always think about you and how you have such a wonderful voice.

Yolei: Well, whenever i see the stars, all i ever think about is you. I couldn't stop thinking about you all the time, even when i'm asleep.

Davis: I feel the same. It's like we've been isolated.

Yolei: Abandoned by war.

Davis and Yolei: And alone in the moonlight.

(Yolei's hand comes closer and closer to becoming hooked to Davis' hand.)

Yolei: Davis, i don't know how to say this, but....but....but i love you, Davis.

Davis: Huh?

Yolei: I love you. More than anything in the Real or Digital World. I don't think anybody else in the world cares more about me other than my family.

Davis: Do you really mean it?

Yolei: Absolutely, more than anything.

(Yolei's eyes get welled up with Tears.)

Davis: Hmm. I love you too, Yolei. I don't think anyone than my Family ever told me that before until now. I think you are the most beautiful Girl i'd ever met, Yolei. No one is more beautiful than you, Yolei. I believe you are very sweet and very kind. You definately have the power to show other people what you really are inside. A gentle, loving, caring girl, someone who could show the world to love one another, even when you're in danger. I think you are the most kindest young woman i've ever met. I also think you're the coolest girl, Yolei and i love you just the way you are.

Yolei: Hmm...Thank you.

(Davis wipes them away with his hand, he then lifts Yolei's head as it got closer to him. Then Davis gives Yolei a kiss in the lips, both with their eyes closed. Yolei embraces around Davis' shoulder while they kiss. Davis hugs Yolei even closer, by holding his arm around her back behind her hair. A small tear drops from Yolei's eye and splashes in the ground. Hawkmon, Veemon, Groucho and Chico are seeing them on top of a Tree, both have one or both hands on cheeks.)

Groucho: Isn't it loverly? Seeing them together at last?

Veemon: Sure is.

Chico: Very thoughtful of you Groucho. First you did some Matchmaking with Tai and Sora and now you're doing the same with Davis and Yolei.

Groucho: Learned it from Matt. After all, he is a Matchmaker.

Veemon: (Sighing) Love, like a Memory at Moonlight.

Hawkmon: Hmm. Twitterpated.

(Hawkmon, Veemon, Groucho and Chico continue to look down at Davis and Yolei who are now asleep, holding each other's hands and still kissing. Soon it started to rain.)

Groucho: Hmm. Unusual weather we're having, eh?

(Groucho opens up his umbrella and shelters himself and the others from the splashes of the rain drops. Then he resumes looking down from the tree.)

Groucho: Look at them, guys. They're like Romeo and Juliet resting from war and death of the rival families.

Chico: I think it's best if we leave them alone. We don't want their moment to be disturbed.

Veemon: Good idea, Chico.

Hawkmon: Let's go anyway. We'd better get some sleep and this rain is making us wet.

Veemon: But what about Davis and Yolei?

Chico: Will they be alright?

Groucho: Positive. The tree is so huge, maybe it'll give them some warm shelter. But in the meantime, let's get out of here.

(Soon, the rain poured even more as Hawkmon, Veemon, Groucho and Chico left the tree and into a cave. Meanwhile, Davis and Yolei are snuggled up together sheltered from the cold rain by the tree. We then enter their dreams individually and combined altogether in the form of a Broadway-style Ballet.)

(Song: The Dream Ballet. Composed by Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Cy Coleman, David Shire, Hans Zimmer, Marvin Hamlisch, Maury Yeston, Alan Menken, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Bock, D.B. Sweeney, Claude Michel-Schönberg, James Horner, Stephen Schwartz, Elton John, Stephen Flaherty, Michel Legrand, Elmer Bernstein, Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin, Jule Styne, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, Thomas Newman, John Kander, Phillip Glass, David Shire, Henry Mancini, Jimmy Van Heusen, Albert Hague, John Debney, Sid Ramin, John Addison, Jeanine Tesori, Saul Chaplin, George Gershwin, Moose Charlap, Frank Loesser, Luther Henderson, Jerry Herman, Larry Hochman, Irwin Kostal, Doug Besterman, Jerome Kern, Alexandre Desplat, Jason Howland, Tom Kitt, Mitch Leigh, Shuki Levy, Frederick Loewe, Glen Kelly, Lucy Simon, David Yazbek, George Forrest, Robert Wright, Alan Silvestri, Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx, Joe Raposo, Jeff Moss, Larry Grossman. Mark Mancina, Ralph Burns, Burton Lane, James Newton Howard and Andrew Lloyd Webber.)

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