Runaways is an episode of The Little Adventures of Bruno.


Four entoxicated kids Bruno, Ami, Swaroop and Wallace that have supernatural powers are being hunted by the CSI leader Ennis Hofftard and his superintendant Sue Sezno.

Voice cast

  • Mona Marshall - Bruno Cortez
  • Janice Kawaye - Ami Onukia
  • Maulik Pancholey - Swaroop Shukla
  • Michael Baltzey - Wallace Joutrimme
  • Will Arnett - Ennis Hofftard
  • Kenan Thompson - Sue Sezno
  • Tom Kenny - Backup voices


The characters are actually based on the Super Friends:

  • Bruno is based on Black Vulcan sporting electricity powers and having flashy pants similar to the 1980s movie Flashdance. He also has incredible speed.
  • Ami's character is based heavingly on Samurai. She possess the ability to create sonic boom waves and being able to move phonetically anywhere. Similar to Sam from Young Justice (with same actor), she only speaks Japanese.
  • Swaroop is based on Apache Chief; similar since he's of Indian descent and Apache is Native American. When being imboalized, he can create an astro projection of a giant mimicing/parodying Apache's growing abilities.
  • Wallace the Mute is actually similar to El Dorado. Similar to El Dorado who cannot speak English fluently, he only speaks in communicated waves of sound effects. He has the ability of teleportation. His looks are based on Ed Dorado from Young Justice.


  • Maulik Pancholey from 30 Rock and Michael Baltzey from the Red Hot Chili Peppers guest voices Swaroop and Wallace.
  • This whole episode is based on the Young Justice episode of the same name.

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