Rundas MP3
Rundas from Metroid Prime 3
First AppearanceMetroid Prime 3: Corruption (WII, 2007)
AlignmentGood, later Evil
ProfessionBounty Hunter

Rundas (originally called Rundus) is a character who first appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He is a bounty hunter and an ally of Samus.


Rundas looks like he may be wearing a mechanical suit of some kind. He has blue and silver armor and talks in an alien voice. Despite initial beliefs, he is not related to the hunter Noxus from Metroid Prime Hunters, who looks similar and also has mastery over ice.

Rundas saves Samus

Rundas saves Samus from some Space Pirates


Rundas is called to help Samus fight Dark Samus. He gets corrupted with Phazon like the other hunters, and saves Samus from some Space Pirates. He again saves Samus from Ridley after the two fall down a shaft while fighting. On Bryyo, Samus encounters Rundas, who has been fully corrupted and attacks her. She manages to rid him of his corruption, but Dark Samus telepathically impales him on an icicle. Samus gets the Ice Missiles from his body.


Rundas can shoot ice from his hands, which he uses to make a stream of ice that he can ride on, similar to the X-Men character Iceman. He uses his ice powers as a weapon as well.


Rundas was originally called "Rundus" when the game was first announced. However, roughly a year later, his name was changed to "Rundas", possibly to differentiate himself from the similar character Noxus. His name was officially changed in the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel. Rundas's voice was also changed from the original E3 2006 video to the final game, going from a scratchy alien tongue to more buglike speech.

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