The 16 Runes of Power are magic symbols that grant their bearers extraordinary abilities. Those who bear the Runes usually have a hand in shaping the history of Borendil.


It is unknown how the 16 Runes originated. The Elves documented the Runes in depth, though their records have been all but lost. It is only known that the Runes existed before the Elves. They might have ties to the Ancient Ones, though there is no evidence of this.

The primary theory is that the Runes are manifestations of Borendil's high concentration of Mana. However, the Runes do not require an individual with an affinity for magic - like the Elves - to bear them.

The Runes are unusual in that, although they are magical, they do not harness the power of the elements. Instead, they draw on divine powers.

Rune List

The Runes are divided into three categories: Chaos, Neutral, and Righteousness.

Chaos Runes draw their power from the Netherworld. They harbor destruction, disease, fear, and control. They are:

  • Black Crown Rune: Grants its bearer supremacy and control over his/her evil followers.
  • Pale Sword Rune: Grants its bearer the destructive power of Aether.
  • Red Moon Rune: Transforms its bearer into a vampire and grants control over the undead.
  • Cardinal Sin Rune: Arguably the most powerful of the Chaos Runes, it allows its bearer to tap into the destructive energies of the Void.
  • Cosmic Sign Rune: Grants its bearer the ability to instill fear in his enemies.
  • Night Rune: Allows control over darkness and creatures of the night.

Neutral Runes draw their energy from an unknown source. They grant utility powers.

  • Teleportation Rune: Allows the use of teleportation spells.
  • Circle Rune: Represents time. Allows its bearer control over fourth-dimensional powers.
  • Rune of Order: Represents fairness and objectivity. Allows its bearer to even the odds.
  • Knowledge Rune: Stores a repository of the knowledge of its past bearers and grants it to the current bearer.

The Runes of Righteousness draw power from the Nine Heavens. They represent humility, peace, and justice.

  • Radiant Shield Rune: Grants its bearer powers of protection and healing.
  • Holy Avatar Rune: Allows the bearer to transform into a shining being of light with extraordinary abilities.
  • Creation Rune: The most powerful of the Runes of Righteousness, the Creation Rune has the ability to create life from nothing.
  • Rune of Guardians: Augments the bearer's ability to protect himself and those around him from the forces of chaos.
  • Bright Savior Rune: Grants its bearer powers of justice against those who have done wrong.
  • Messiah Rune: Grants its bearer the ability to end conflicts in the best interests of the righteous.

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