When this game was released, the idea of a free MMO was looking bright. But, free accounts can lead to many scammers like the ones below:

Item Scamming One of the most common scams in online games, this runs on the basic idea of humans wanting to get something for nothing. Free armor trimming is one of the most common scams. Trimmed armor in Runescape is worth signifigantly more than regular armor. The problem is that players CAN NOT trim armor. The only way to get trimmed armor is by completeing Treasure Trails. Anyone advertising free armor trimming should be immediatley reported.

Free gem cutting is another scam. The problem here is that the person could actually be telling the truth and cutting gems for free for the crafting experience. A safer way to get your gems cut is to find someone advertising Trading cut gems for uncut gems. Either find someone advertising this, of just level up your crafting until you can cut it yourself.

Finally, NEVER trust someone who asks you if you want to team up in the Wilderness unless they are a close friend. Taking a signifigantly lower level player into the Wilderness and killing then will reward the killer with all but 3 of the victims items. This has only recently been classified as a scam and can therefore get a player banned of reported enough.

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