[b]Surname:[/b] Skirata [b]Given Name:[/b] Runi (means Soul in Mando’a) [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Mandalore the Reborn [b]Occupation:[/b] Mandalorian Gunslinger/Tech [b]Level:[/b] 18 [b]Legal status:[/b] Its complicated.... [b]Criminal record:[/b] None [b]Race:[/b] Near-Human (Mandalorian) [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 20 (Has the appearance of a 25 year old) [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Concord Dawn [b]Place of Residence:[/b] Arbra [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] Concord Dawn, Nar Shaddaa [b]Affiliation:[/b] Mandalorians/Reach Corp. [b]Weapons & Armor:[/b] Weapons FWG-5- [ newwindow]"Shredder"[/link]The FWG-5 is known as one of the most modifiable pistols in the Galaxy. The standard version is a projectile weapon but it can be tailored to use blaster, sonic, or acidic ammunition. Runi had one remade from thundanium while on Alzoc after losing the first one in the Battle of Symmenia Prime. From there he either purchased or made the modifications for it himself. It saw little use until he temporarily left the mandalorians and faced the Death Watch on Concord Dawn and met the Aiing-Ting Monks. [i]Added Modifications:[/i] Cortosis Over-plating Microblade Attachment (Under the barrel for melee combat) UV Scope (Triples as a X-Ray, Night Vision, and Hi-Res Infrared device as well as zooming in up to 10x) Magnetic Rail Barrel (Increased Range and Damage Output) High Velocity Feed System (Increased Rate of Fire) Delicate Hair Trigger Assemble (Increased Rate of Fire) Ergonomic Grip (Increased Accuracy) Sonic Burst (Secondary firing function. Fires a ball of concentrated energy that created a high-intensity sonic blast powerful enough to shatter solid objects on impact and cause devastating injuries to sentient beings including broken bones or ruptured organs).

[i]Beskad Vibrodagger[/i](Thread: The Arena)-Features both a serrated edge and vibration generators to aggravate damage when withdrawn from a wound. Additionally, the blade was well balanced, capable of being used with only one hand by those proficient in two handed fighting.

[b]Armor:[/b] [image noborder]runi.jpg[/image]

[b]Armor[/b] Runi now wears a suit of Warwear armor, a living suit of armor which rest inside of his body, and can encase him at a moment's notice. The armor offers many new abilities. It can "grow" drones which could be used for combat and delivery operations and interface with computers. The armor would react to Runi's emotional state, transforming itself to provide him with whatever weapons he might desire. Because the armor was hidden in a tattoo-like "body stigmata" known as a "mandala", with the most concentrated part being on Runi's chest, he only has to touch it to be instantly clad in the armor, he never has to waste precious moments putting the armor on. In battle, it begins to sign a 'battle hymn.'

His new armor is no longer a bulky unit which houses its own AI "response server" and miscellaneous interfaces for neural control. Instead, it is more lightweight (constructed of a pliable crystalline material which molecular structure can collimate into super-hard planes upon the application of an electrical field) and less complex (as it interfaces directly to Runi's brain via the virus-modified cybernetic connections), and has much faster response time since it effectively functions like Runi's second skin. Runi's powers and abilities derive from the advanced powered armor that he wears. The armor has evolved to a molecularly aligned matrix of crystallized unknown metal enhanced by magnetic fields over layers of other metals like titanium, creating a shell that is pliable, yet capable of great resilience and protection. The suit grants him extreme strength and flight capabilities as well as offering resistance to energy and projectile weapons and lightsabers. It has a refractive coating on the outermost layer to disperse energy attacks and is hardened against projectile and EMP attacks. Since it is a living organism it can heal itself and its wearer. The suit quickly adapts to environmental conditions and possible dangers, such as sealing against the vacuum of space. Protective force fields can also be created. It instantly adapts to the rigors of space by hardening, polarizing the visor and recycling air. The suit is capable, through some unspecified mechanism or process, of compensating for the digestive system of Runi's body, so that he does not need to expel waste materials when the suit is in use.

The armor can produce (referred to as "unskinning") remote drones that can be morphed into weapons, probes etc. as the wearer needs. A set of small rotating drones are normally around the right gauntlet or back, while a large cannon is mounted on the left. The suit's main firepower is plasma-based. It can also produce other energies and frequencies, including 'alpha waves' to make an opponent fall asleep. The right arm (at least) was able to morph into a blade weapon. The warwear increased the strength of whoever it was bonded to by an undetermined amount; enough to effortlessly catch a full-size hover sedan thrown by a rancor.

• Drone Remotes: The Warwear can "unskin" or "morph" remote drones. Drones are capable of the following functions: o Discharge various types of energy and concussive force. o Act as sensors and as infiltrators of various electronic/computer systems. o Create defensive energy shields virtually instantaneously. o Follow basic instructions and carry out minor tasks.

The armor is also able to store power throughout its structure incorporating distributed and decentralized energy storage. The suit is powered by a combination of solar converters, and beta particle absorption as a fuel source. The suit is also able to convert nearby energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy into electricity, or even drain electrical energy directly into itself for recharge.

[b]Ship[/b] Ship data can be found in the Galactic Database. [i]Pulsar Skate[/i] [i]The El Derado[/i]

[b]Personal Items:[/b] [i]Neural Implants[/i](Thread: Calling an Employer)-Sith Alchemy has given this young mandalorian a set of nueral enhancers running down his arms that allow him to mentally connect with any piece of electronic equipment by touching. Also all the available slicing and computer programs have been loaded into him.

[i]Utility Belt[/i]-He also had a utility belt and pack with various shaped explosives (Ex. Plastique and Napalm-Gel packs), smoke capsules, caltrops, and ball bearings.

[i]Body Modifications[/i]: These are side effects of Sith Alchemy used on him early in his life when he was captured for use as a slave and test subject. Adrian Rain saved him. [u]Skeletal Enhancement[/u]: Advanced material grafting onto skeletal structures to make bones virtually unbreakable [u]Vision Enhancement[/u]: Submergence and boosted blood vessel beneath the rods and cones of subjects retina produces a marked visual perception increase. [u]Speed Enhancement[/u]: Alteration of bioelectrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction lead to three hundred percent increase in subjects reflexes. Anecdotal evidence shows a marked increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity. [u]Strength Enhancement[/u]: Protein complex is injected intrsmuscularly to increase tissue density and decrease lactase recovery time.

[b]Appearance[/b] [image noborder]RuniPossibility.jpg[/image]

[b]Height:[/b] 5’11 [b]Weight:[/b] 165 lbs [b]Eye Color:[/b] Gray [b]Hair:[/b] Black [b]Skin:[/b] Brown [b]Other Features:[/b] His neural implants run up and down his arms like a series of tattoos and glow a light blue color. They tend to grow brighter the longer he uses his abilities.

[b]Clothing:[/b] He normally wears a grey vest with gray pants and a white shirt, at formal meetings or outside his armor. Outside of his home though he's normally in his armor. [b]Uniform:[/b] Mandalorian Armor ________________________________________

[b]Personality:[/b] Runi is very intelligent, having prudent tactical skills as well as enough combat skill to hold his own with most other fighters. Although he is not the smartest, strongest, nor fastest of the mandalorians, he is the most well-balanced, having each of those qualities in equal measure; he is also the bravest of all the ‘Survivors’ and quite possibly the "luckiest" as well. He is an exceptional leader and quick thinker. Some have remarked, however, that Runi sometimes takes the responsibility of his command too seriously, empathizing too deeply with any wounded member of his team.

His many battles have given him a second personality. When in combat or preparing for it, he switches to a sort of dual core mindset. This mindset has gives him an awareness of his targets on one level of thought or consciousness, but he doesn’t think of them as a target or show hostility. On another level of thought he takes in all things and nothing at the same time to create sort of a mask about him and in his mind that seems empty. While he takes in these things his mind constantly races with angles, plans of infiltration and attack, and escape routes.

[b]Abilities:[/b] He had cross-trained in tracking, camouflage, and stealth. He is also a highly trained sniper as well as gunslinger. He is known for his skills also with a combat knife and even his bare hands in a pinch making him a well rounded fighter.

His technical skills know no bounds and he spends most of his time designing new technology although most of it never is built. But if it’s combat related and built by him it will most likely be a force to be reckoned with.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Prudii Skirata(Grandfather), Alora (Adopted Sister) [b]Father:[/b] Tracyn Skirata (Missing) [b]Mother:[/b] Laseema Skirata

[b]History:[/b] Runi was raised as a true Mandalorian on the planet of Concord Dawn. His father was of the clan Skirata and during a smuggling operation met his mother Laseema. After a year the two were married, Laseema was adopted into the Madalorian culture at this time, and two years later a child was born.

As a child Runi was inclined to take things apart attempting to see how they worked. Noticing this Runi’s father began to include, among the fighting lessons all Mandalorian children were to learn, tech lessons ranging from the fixing of a hover sled to the rebuilding of a starship. These lessons Runi took to with a passion and soon became the top of his class.

Mandalorians are considered adults at an age as low as thirteen years, where their sons would take a trial turning them into warriors and men. And although their numbes were slim throughout the galaxy their traditions remained the same. Runi was no exception. The trial was simple, the child was supposed to go up against a warrior chosen by the heads of the clan anyway they could. These trials could last only a day to as long as a week but rarely led to deaths. The warrior chosen to face him, turns out, was his father. Their battle took them through the fields around the city of Concord, Concord Dawn’s capital. After days of Tracyn chasing his son through the tall grasses and Runi setting trap after trap for his father and taking ranged shots with his sniper rifle, a weapon he had developed quite an affinity for during his studies, the battle was ended with Runi gaining his place as a warrior among his people.

After gaining his independence he signed on with a over three different ships in the course of the next three and a half years trading his mechanical skills to see the galaxy and build his list of contacts. By the time he ended up back on Concord Dawn at the age of seventeen he had a substantial list of both legal and illegal contacts. He fixed the many things for the people that come to him, anywhere from droids to speeders in his shop on Concord Dawn. And he occasionally accepted the small slicing job to make extra money on the side.

At 18 he was recruited by a man named Russel Eisely. After working several jobs for him and his son Gene, he was introduced to the shadowy, Reach Corp. With his technological skills and some modifications from the head of the company, who was really the dread Lord Hexus in disguise, he quickly climbed the ranks and became the Director of Programming. The title was merely superficial though and was only a cover to hide the fact that he was really one of the one’s going behind the scenes and cleaning up internal messes within the company. While at reach he continually sought the fulfillment of his three main goals. 1. Continue the search for his father. 2. Gather the scattered mandalorian warriors. 3. Rebuild the mandalorians as a faction including taking back their home planet of Mandalore. He used his connections at Reach and those gained from worked with renowned bounty hunter Adrian Rain, whom he considers more of a friend than a business partner, to work towards these ends.

What follows are a series of battles that led to his being elected Mandalore and shortly there after.

[u]Slavers on Felucia[/u] [image noborder]Concorddawn.jpg[/image] The [i]New Blood[/i] hovered a discreet distance away from the planet while Runi sent Commander Zero and a small squad to investigate the surface to see how friendly the locals were. Upon arriving Zero was ambushed a republic assassin looking for Runi and barely survived the encounter. While this was happening a slave ship arrived and sent forces on planet to collect the populace. The New Blood engaged the ship while Commander Kado and Runi went planetside to defeat the slavers and rescue Zero.

[u]Battle of Symmenia Prime[/u] [image noborder]300px-KOTOR7.jpg[/image] After retiring to Kamino for a short period the [i]New Blood[/i] was ordered to the planet of Symmenia Prime to await further directions. The mandalorians went planetside to establish a small base and continue their unit training. That's when the enemies they were brought together to fight made themselves known. The Reapers hit the planet in droves and the [i]New Blood[/i] under the command of Captain Allana and its compliment of fighters and marines under Zero were hard pressed to defeat them in space.

On the ground Runi with a small detachment of 300 men and droids stayed behind in what they had finished of the base to draw in the main force while Kado took the bulk of their forces and sent them around the planet to evacuate the native civillians before the Reapers could attack them.

Only the timely of Alzoc Knights sent to the system to investigate the numerous hyperspace jumps into it facilitated any sort of desicive victory. They halped Zero capture the largest ship in the Reaper fleet, a battered Acclamator II-class assault ship and finished off the Reaper ships in the system with very few escaping. A large contingent landed and rescued a surronded Kado and his warriors. Runi called in an orbital strike on his position that completely destroyed the Reapers attacking the base and its defenders and survived along with 9 others in critical condition after the dropship they had used to escape crashed.

Miraculously Runi and his small band of survivors managed to fight off another small Reaper assault until the Alzoc Knights along with what was still standing from Kado's defense unit came to rescue them as well. From there the worst of the injuries where moved to the Alzoc ship [i]Ruby Gold[/i] due to the [i]New Blood[/i] having sustained damage that would slow it down and the entire army headed to Alzoc III for some well deserved R&R.

[u]Rebellion at Concord Dawn[/u] [image noborder]Battle_of_Korda_6.jpg[/image] Upon arriving home on the planet of Concord Dawn Runi had discovered that a large meeting of the mandalorian clans in the sector had been called by his father Tracyn Skirata. The joyous reunion would not last for long though as a group of mandalorians opposed to having Runi become the new Mandalore made their presence known.

A challenge was called to Runi and a small group of his selection. They would be pitted against this dissident group claiming to be the new Death Watch in a formal trial of battle. But as it became clear that Runi and his cohorts would be victorious The Death Watch leader, Cort Dhalune a renegade member of the Dha Lune clan, attempted to call in reinforcements and ambush them.

Runi managed to escape and an all out battle insued with the mandalorians on planet either taking the side of Mandalore the Reborn or Overlord Bannin. The Death Watch was pushed back to the spaceport and forced to flee but Runi knew he hadn’t seen the last of them.

[u]Retaking Arbra[/u] [image noborder]Mandalorians_invade_Vanquo.jpg[/image] After the Death Watch struck on Concord Dawn Runi returned to Alzoc only to discover his army gone. His two closest friends Kado and Zero had had a disagreement and ended up splitting the army in half. The Death Watch used this as an example as to why Runi was unfit to be Mandalore and absorbed Kado's forces into their own, taking over the planet of Arbra.

Runi, with Zero and the remains of the army and the New Blood invaded the planet and drove the Death Watch off this planet as well claiming it as their own once and for all. In the year that followed a all out civil war would follow that would spread across four other planets (Claudi II, Mustafar, Sluis Van, and Omwat) and claim countless lives.

[u]The Return[/u] [image noborder]Battle_of_Vanquo.jpg[/image] After a year of bloody struggle a massive spcae battle began to take place over the shipyards of Sluis Van. Up until that point the shipyards had been supplying The Mandalore's faction and not the Death Watch's Overlord so they simply staged an all out attack.

The battle was long and intense with both sides eventually forced to withdraw. Runi's fighter had been damaged during the battle and the New Blood had been unable to recover it before being forced to jump out-system. Luckily for him a group of visitors appeared.

A group of Aing-Tii monks appeared at the site of the battle having sensed a great disturbance in the Force. They retrieved his damaged spacecraft and they nursed him back to health and teaching him about the Force as they saw it. They replaced his fighters destroyed hyperdrive with a spare of their own and, with their blessing, manipulated time to send him back to Alzoc the same day he left with only an hours difference. Now he could avert the disaster.

After fighting a battle in the Wild Arm sector of space against a Sith creation named the Reapers he has claimed the title of Mandalore and rallied his people on the planet of Arbra making it their new homeworld and is continuing to battle the Reapers with the Mandalorians new ally King Alaister and the people of Alzoc. While war is gripping the galaxy Runi Skirata, titled Mandalore the Reborn, collected the remains of his scattered people in preparation for their reforming and prepares for one of the greatest wars of his lifetime.

With foreknowledge and little difficulty Runi, after traveling back in time one year, easily squashed the civil uprising that would have threatened his people. But just as things began to calm on Arbra, the Sith started to make their move against the rest of the galaxy. Runi wisely chose to stay out of the conflict and spent most of the time focusing on his relationship with Jisela West aka Ellie. And lets not forget about the building of the [i]Pulsar Skate[/i] his pride and joy, or the battle against the Force-Vampires.

By the time the Sith had taken almost complete control everything in Runi’s life was fairly peaceful. Sure he had a small planet to run, but that wasn’t that big a deal. So when he got the call about a treasure trove of ancient alien technology just floating around in space, his interest and desire for action won out against his common sense and he left Arbra without telling her, or anyone.

Unknown to him it was all just a setup by a group of bounty hunters. They crippled both him and his ship and left him for dead in the middle of space. He was saved again by unlikely interveners. A group of aliens calling themselves, Celestials. The grafted a set of their Warwear armor to his body and it healed him while blocking a vast majority of the actual attack or recuperation from his memory. And when he got back to Arbra, he discovered that his disappearance had been noticed.

[b]NPCs:[/b] [u]Captain Allana Fett[/u]-Captain of the New Blood and in charge of handling things on the new homeplanet of Arbra while Runi and the others are away. She is an excellent pilot and navigator, quick thinking, and does a adequate job of ruling things in Runi's stead.

[i]The Survivors[/i]-The Survivors are an elite group of warriors formed from the survivors of Runi's command from the Battle at Symmenia Prime. After the battle they all pledged themselves to Runi and became his elite bodyguards and mercenary crew. The members include the alien Freedo, the twins Kelith and Kelice, and the sharpshooter Lina.

[u]Freedo[/u]- An alien of unknown origin, he appears to hail from the planet of Shogun or at least his armor does. He is currently their heavy weapons specialist. The armor itself is dark blue with silver accents and bears an unknown crest on the left shoulder. Whatever species Freedo Is they seem to communicate through some form of telepathy. He carries a vibro great sword and a heavy repeater blaster. With his fearsome outward appearance and silent nature he is the rock of the mercenary group. [u]More on Freedo[/u]-Freedo was considered to be a very quiet, yet very determined, individual. He can shoot down a moving target at long range. He also shows exceptional hand to hand combat skills. He has been seen to beat several large and dangerous species (wookies, wampas, etc. etc.) in hand to hand combat. [ newwindow]Freedo Pic[/link]

[u]Kelith & Kelice Ordo[/u]- A brother and sister from the planet of Mandalore who happen to be twins. While Kelice specializes in speed and hand to hand combat, her brother prefers to reply on explosions and brute force. They both wear armor that is blood red with black accents. Kelith displays their family crest on his right should while Kelice displays hers on her chest. Kelice is the teams cheery center while Kelith is the teams moral conscious. [u]More on Kelice[/u]-Kelice is notoriously fast, even by Survivor standards. She is capable of running at bursts up to 62 KPH (38.502 MPH) while in her armor, has quicker reflexes than all of her teamates, and is even capable of accomplishing normal tasks quickly and more precisely than her fellows. She has demonstrated an incredible tolerance for pain, as she has been injured gravely on several occasions and managed to recover fully each time. Her personality is constantly bubbly like a small child and at time rather uncaring. But she does have a tremendous amount of loyalty to both her brother and the team. [u]More on Kelith[/u]-Kelith is unusually sociable for a Survivor and spends a considerable amount of time making friends. This makes some of his fellow mandalorians uneasy, but his sister’s bubbly personality closely mirrors his own calm kindness so they accept it as a family thing. Kelith has an uncanny ability to "feel" traps before walking into them. When something was wrong, Kelith would often get a bad feeling. His teammates grew to view this as an asset, trusting his instincts. Keliths weapon of choice is a shotgun/grenade launcher and several other types of explosive ordanance. Inside each gauntlet is a small blade that can be extended for melee combat. Kelice prefers to wear a set of crushgaunts and wields an energy sword made by Runi. The energy sword is unique in that the blade is formed of charged plasma and retains its shape in a magnetic field generated by the handle. It glows with a pink light. She also carries two pistols for ranged work. [ newwindow]Kelice Pic[/link] [ newwindow]Kelith Pic[/link]

[u]Lina[/u]-The lone wolf of the group. Lina hails from the planet of Concord Dawn, which happens to be Runi’s home world. She is the Sniper/Scout of the group. Her armor is a deep black in color. It bears white lines on the back of her helmet (57 in total) that represent how many recorded head shots she has (Her current kill total is unknown). Her weapon of choice is a sniper rifle also made by Runi. Her armor is was created by Runi but is different than the standard armor of the group. [u]More about Lina[/u]- Her normal role in the group is to play devil’s advocate. She challenges every idea until she is sure all the flaws are worked out. She does this in order to avoid another incident like Symmenia Prime. Lina is patient, and persistent. And she has demonstrated time and again that her abilities with a sniper rifle are far greater than any other members, even surpassing Runi’s. [ newwindow]Lina Pic[/link]

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