Strain "Runner"
Universe Avp Universe
Species Xenomorph
Gender N/A
Height 4 meters
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Carnivore

Basic Info

The Runner is a Xenomorph based strain, known primarily for it's low key appearance, and shallow ranks within the Hive Hierarchy.

Anatomy and Genetics

The Xenomorph Runner is a result of embryonic impregnation of a quadruped host. With the embryo taking copy of the Host's DNA, in order to become more adapt to the environment outside, is a direct result of this process.

As a result, the Runner walks on all four limbs as a means of permanent motion, as to a drone which can tune back and forth from upright, to all fours. The spine like tubes, smiler to the ones seen on basic Xenomorph Drones, are gone. For the purposes of better mobility, i.e. rotation of the head.

Copy Nov 15 2221

Document Observations.

Defects and Behavior

It should be noted, that even though this strain presents great example of DNA adaption, it does not primarily provide an adiquite mentality. Or in other words, it could be that the Runner strain suffers from slight "Retardation".

This being said, it has been noticed that on various incidents, Runners could be seen as the lowest chain in a Hive like Hierarchy. Mostly used for Sentry, or Recon use, leaving the more internal job of Hive care to the higher Drones.



A Runner featured in Avp:Extinction.

  • In the game Aliens Vs Predator 2, notes by Dr.Eisenberg can be found in the first Predator level, in the bowels of the "bomb shelter" like prefab. In these notes the Doctor cristens these species Runners, and mentions their hostile and unorthodox behavior.
  • It could be known that the idea for the Runner was taken from the Alien seen in Alien³, or that the strain in Alien³ was a Runner.

Appearances and Sources

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