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Thomas; Well Percy You Know That Barney and His Friends turned evil

Percy; Well Thomas I Know That

Thomas; Nothing to Worry About

Percy; I Don't Want Barney and His Friends to scare us

Thomas; Don't Worry You Can't Be Scared Of Good Things turning evil

Percy; I'm Not

Thomas; Goodbye

Diesel 10; Thomas What Are You Doing

Thomas; Arr Running My Branch Line

Diesel 10; I Turned Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and Their Cousion Riff Evil

Thomas; Why Can You Turn Baby Cartoon Characters Evil

Diesel 10; Because Barney and His Friends Turned Evil and Gonna Take Over the Island Of Sodor

Thomas; Why

Diesel 10; I'm Gonna Destroy You and Your Friends Barney Stop Him

Barney; Oh Yes I Can [evil laugh]

Thomas; [sighs]

Diesel 10; Baby Bop shoot him with A Gun

Baby Bop; OK [shoots]


Diesel 10; BJ Eat Him

BJ; Ok

Thomas; I'm Getting Outta Here [steaming to the station]

Diesel 10; Riff catch him

Riff; Ok [went on a car]

Thomas; I'm Running I'm Running I'm Running I'm Running Running Running Away from Diesel 10, Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff Turning Evil

more coming soon

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