There are many aspects of the Campus Kitchens Project that a Coordinator must know. Since there is only one person on staff at a Campus Kitchen, and everything else is dependent on volunteers, it is essential to know what is going on. Hopefully, this Wiki will allow coordinators from all the Campus Kitchens to share ideas for each other as well as future coordinators.

Seven Basics of a Campus Kitchen

There are seven basics of a Campus Kitchen that every coordinator needs to comply with.

  • On Campus: A Campus Kitchen’s operations must be based out of a kitchen located on the school’s campus.
  • “Community Kitchen” Operated: A Campus Kitchen must regularly perform the following core operations:
    • a. Food Recycling
    • b. Meal Preparation
    • c. Meal Delivery
  • Safe: A Campus Kitchen operates under a defined food safety and hazard analysis system that minimizes risk and takes the unique health needs of our clients and safety needs of students into consideration. All meal preparation is supervised by certified food handlers, and all volunteers are trained in safe food handling practices. Every Campus Kitchen is audited annually by CKP and by the local health department.
  • Capacity-Building: Campus Kitchen meals must be delivered to individuals and families who are in need, and who are being supported by existing social service agencies or referring parties with whom the host school collaborates.
  • Cost Effective: A Campus Kitchen must show a positive Return on Investment when comparing the local program’s cost per meal to the costs an agency would incur for the same services.
  • Student-Focused: A Campus Kitchen must have a student leadership team that guides the direction of the operations, programming, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Collaborative: A Campus Kitchen is a collaboration among many partners in a school community, from students to faculty to community service staff to dining services. A Campus Kitchen can never be the project of just one devoted person or department.

CKP Intranet

One feature that all coordinators should take advantage of is the CKP Intranet. The intranet provides a place to download and upload important documents to share with the CKP network. It has every necessary form, including V1, D1, and C1. Check back regularly because it is frequently updated.

Leadership Team

  • An essential part of a well-run Campus Kitchen is a dedicated Leadership Team. This team will complete the bulk of the operations and organizing as well as lead cooking and delivery shifts. Important positions that the Leadership Team members will fill include:
    • Cooking Shift Coordinator
    • Delivery Shift Coordinator
    • Food Resourcing Manager

The Vision


Volunteer Maintenance


Special Events

  • TurkeyPalooza: The purpose is to provide for the clients either a traditional Thanksgiving meal or the materials to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. This event allows coordinators to take off for the Thanksgiving holiday.


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