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Contracting out mail delivery is not in the best interests of the nation

We have recently had disasters in Chicago where mail delivery became almost impossible. they had to hire over a thousand new carriers to start getting the mail delivered. With contract routes this would not be possible.

The whole point of a contract is that is supposed to a lot in a working situation. If Chicago had been covered by contractors they would not have had the flexibility to change and correct the situation.

There is some doubt that star routes as used for the delivery of mail to households are private contractors. If more demands are made upon them is highly likely that they would be considered employees. while it appears that they are now the least expensive mode of delivery is quite possible that I found the employees this would no longer be so.

In addition to paying contract carriers what they are paid now they would also be entitled to medical benefits, retirement and to be reimbursed for the expenses to use the vehicles.

History shows us that contract routes can be abused

In the 1880s we had the Star Route frauds. These lead to the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act in 1883.

Rural Routes and Parcle Post.

rural carriers became delivers a parcel post because one of the private carriers may or was considered exorbitant profits at the time.

Star Routes under bid and not covered.

In the 1940s star routes again face trouble. This time it was because the lowest bidders did not necessarily do a competent job carrying the mail.

October 2005 - You Think You’re a Postal Contractor - But Maybe You’re an Employee!


National postal Museum

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