Unbeknownst to most of the outside world, a place called Colonia Dignidad sat on a large land tract close to the Argentinian border. Appearing idyllic, the enclave was run by German expatriates, some of whom were alleged to be Nazi war criminals from WWII, others Nazi sympathizers. The leader of the Colonia for most of its existence was Nazi Paul Schäfer. The Colonia had a cult-like atmosphere, in which it was alleged many children were molested and indeed, which its leaders face prosecution for. Schafer was convicted in May of 2006 in connection with the allegations of child abuse at the Colonia. It is suspected, and has been reported by the BBC (as well as suggested in Chilean government documents[3]), that Chilean DINA military police brought suspected anti-government prisoners there for interrogation.

According to U.S. State Department reports, other witnesses claim they saw Boris Weisfeiler in the Colonia, several years after his disappearance. At least one claims he was alive some three years later; another claims he was assassinated as a Soviet or Jewish spy.

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