Rusty and The Boulder & Other Thomas Adventures is a Thomas VHS/DVD idea made for Anchor Bay Entertainment in August 1999 on VHS and then in March 2002 on DVD. It has over seven Season 5 episodes.

Characters in this Video

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Rusty
  • Terence
  • George
  • Cranky
  • Lorry 1
  • Lorry 2
  • Lorry 3
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Donald (cameo)
  • Butch (cameo)
  • Thumper (does not speak)


  1. Rusty and The Boulder
  2. James and The Trouble With Trees
  3. Something In The Air
  4. Make Someone Happy
  5. Toby's Discovery
  6. Cranky Bugs
  7. Horrid Lorry


  1. Accidents Will Happen (Separate on DVD)
  2. Gone Fishing (DVD only)

Bonus Features

  1. Character Gallery
  2. Web Fun


  • Narrated by Alec Baldwin.
  • Released on August 10, 1999 (VHS) and March 5, 2002 (DVD) by Anchor Bay Entertainment.
  • The Season 5 intro, nameplate sequence (1999-2000) and the Season 5 outro are used together.
  • The "Next Story Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the "Rusty To The Rescue" 1995 VHS, the "Thomas and The Special Letter" 1995 VHS, the "Thomas and His Friends Help Out" 1996 VHS, the "The Gallant Old Engine" 1996 VHS, the "Thomas Meets The Queen" 1997 VHS and the "Races, Rescues and Runaways" 1999 VHS.
  • The "Music Video Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the "Races, Rescues and Runaways" 1999 VHS.
  • The text is taken from the "Races, Rescues and Runaways" 1999 VHS.
  • Accidents Will Happen has no lyrics in the VHS version.
  • The DVD version simply ends with Horrid Lorry before skipping to the end credits.

Opening Previews

1999 VHS version

  1. Anchor Bay FBI Warning
  2. Anchor Bay Entertainment logo (1999-2004)
  3. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  4. Thomas and Friends Season 5 intro
  5. First few seconds of Rusty and The Boulder

2002 DVD version

  1. Anchor Bay FBI Warning
  2. Anchor Bay Entertainment logo (1999-2004)
  3. Grace & Wild Interactive Development logo
  4. Gullane Entertainment logo
  5. Thomas and Friends VHS Collection Trailer
  6. Rusty and The Boulder and Other Thomas Adventures DVD Menu

Closing Previews

1999 VHS version

  1. Last few seconds of Accidents Will Happen
  2. Thomas and Friends Season 5 outro
  3. A Britt Allcroft Production logo

2002 DVD version

  1. Last few seconds of Horrid Lorry
  2. Thomas and Friends Season 5 outro
  3. A Britt Allcroft Production logo

Opening Credits

  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Adaptation by BRITT ALLCROFT
  • Storyteller ALEC BALDWIN
  • Directed by DAVID MITTON

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Rusty (scared)
  • Bottom: James being repainted from "James and The Trouble With Trees"

Back Cover

  • Top Left: Toby at the mines at night from "Toby's Discovery"
  • Top Right: Percy and the Horrid Lorries from "Horrid Lorry"

Cover Color

  • Brown

Running Times

  • 40 Minutes (VHS version)
  • 35 Minutes (DVD version)


1999 VHS version

2002 DVD version


Rusty and The Boulder

  • Alec Baldwin: On the Island of Sodor, high up in the mountains was a mysterious boulder. It had stood alone for a long time. But one day, workmen arrived to build a quarry on the land below. Rusty the Little Diesel met Thomas and Percy.
  • Percy: Where's all this rock coming from?
  • Alec Baldwin: Percy asked.
  • Rusty: The new quarry.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Rusty.
  • Rusty: This mountain rock is good for many things, although it's dangerous up there.
  • Thomas: Why?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Thomas.
  • Rusty: Because of a big boulder. I think it's watching me.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Rusty nervously.
  • Percy: How can it be? Boulders don't have eyes.
  • Rusty: Well, Percy, there's something strange about this one.
  • Alec Baldwin: Just then, Edward arrived. He was delivering a new piece of machinery from the quarry.
  • Rusty: What's that?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Rusty.
  • Edward: It's called Thumper. Apparently it helps collect the rock faster.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Edward. Soon, Thumper was working hard. The men were pleased, but no one bothered to check the boulder. When it rained, the workmen went away. Rusty gazed up and shivered. Above stood Boulder. Suddenly, a large slab of rock landed on the rails. Rusty was shocked, driver was concerned.
  • Rusty's Driver: We best leave till the weather's better. The rain loosens some of this rock.
  • Rusty: I think it's Boulder wanting us to go away.
  • Alec Baldwin: The next day, the sun shone. Thumper was working harder than ever. Suddenly, Rusty noticed something.
  • Rusty: Boulder's moving!
  • Rusty's Driver: Don't be so daft, it can't.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the driver. But it could.
  • Rusty: It's rolling along our line.
  • (The boulder begins to chase Rusty)
  • Rusty's Driver: We'll stop here until Boulder passes by.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the driver. But Boulder was nowhere to be seen. Then...
  • Rusty's Driver: Oh, no. It's behind us.
  • Alec Baldwin: Just ahead, they saw a small junction. One line went uphill. Boulder thundered past. Meanwhile, Skarloey was making his way up to the quarry. Then, he saw Boulder.
  • Skarloey: Help!
  • Alec Baldwin: Boulder was catching up fast.
  • (Skarloey reaches a siding just before Boulder destroys the water tower)
  • Skarloey: We must warn the yards!
  • Alec Baldwin: Shouted Skarloey.
  • Rusty: Yes, but how?
  • Alec Baldwin: Called Rusty. Boulder rounded a bend and there ahead was Rheneas.
  • Rheneas: It's running loose!
  • Alec Baldwin: Yelled Rheneas. His driver drove him back as fast as he could.
  • Rheneas' Driver: Hurry!
  • (Rheneas races away from Boulder and crashes into a bunker)
  • Rheneas' Driver: Better a smashed than a squashed.
  • Alec Baldwin: Sighed his driver. At the yards, Percy was collecting trucks. Then, he heard Boulder.
  • Percy: Oh, no. Heading straight for me.
  • Alec Baldwin: Squeaked Percy.
  • (Boulder crashes into the sheds, creating a massive explosion)
  • Alec Baldwin: When Sir Topham Hatt inspected the damage, he decided to close the mine. Then, he looked at Boulder.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: We should have left this part of the island alone.
  • Alec Baldwin: They moved Boulder to a hill close by the yards. Rusty is sure that on a clear night, it is gazing up at the mountain and that its size are being carried by the wind to where it once used to stand proud and silent. I wonder if Rusty is right, don't you?

Nameplates after Rusty and The Boulder

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

James and The Trouble With Trees

  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas the Tank Engine had been working in the coal yards all day. The little blue engine was covered in coal dust.
  • Thomas' Driver: We can't clean you up tonight, Thomas.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said his driver.
  • Thomas' Driver: There's a problem with the hose pipe.
  • Thomas: Bother!
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: A bath would make me feel much better. The others are sure to say I look silly.
  • Alec Baldwin: But the engines were too busy arguing to notice Thomas. James was talking loudest of all.
  • James: I deserve a new coat of paint. Sir Topham Hatt says I'm the pride of the line and...
  • Henry: Rubbish!
  • Alec Baldwin: Huffed Henry.
  • Henry: We're all the pride of the line.
  • Percy: It's been like this all day.
  • Alec Baldwin: Confided Percy to Thomas.
  • Percy: James is getting a new coat of paint and won't stop boasting about it.
  • Thomas: Why, James! I'm the one who needs a new coat. Look at me.
  • James: I rather not.
  • Alec Baldwin: Retorted James.
  • James: You're not a pleasant sight and wouldn't understand that needs of a really important engine.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas was fuming. Next morning as James was being repainted, Henry had an accident.
  • (Henry causes the cars to derail)
  • James: If you can't push cars properly, Henry, why not talk to a tree instead. You know how much you like the forest.
  • Henry: As a matter of fact, bossy boiler, Sir Topham Hatt is inspecting the island for trees that have fallen too close to the line. He's worried that might cause trouble.
  • James: Pah!
  • Alec Baldwin: Laughed James.
  • James: If I came upon a tree I just push it aside.
  • Henry: Really!?
  • Alec Baldwin: Henry replied. Soon, James was showing off his paintwork.
  • James: Make way for an important engine.
  • Percy: You wouldn't feel important if one of those trees crashed on you. You feel hurt.
  • Alec Baldwin: Reproached Percy.
  • James: Rubbish! It wouldn't dare!
  • Terence: You should be careful, James. Trees can be just as powerful as engines.
  • Alec Baldwin: Advised Terence.
  • James: Oh please! Now excuse me, Sir Topham Hatt needs me to pull the express.
  • Alec Baldwin: And he huffed away. But James was wrong.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You must go to the yards and collect an important goods train James. It's heavy so be careful.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Sir Topham Hatt.
  • James: But, sir, I've just been repainted. Can't Thomas and Percy do it? They're dirty and like working with freight cars.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Really useful engines don't argue.
  • Alec Baldwin: So James didn't. By the time he arrived at the yards, the weather was changed for the worse.
  • Freight Car: Your color's nice, James. Pity about your face though.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said a freight car. James ignored them and set off. Soon they came to a hill and his driver knew they were in for a difficult time. An old tree close to the tracks was being blown by the strong winds and the rain had weakened the slope. All of a sudden, the tree moved.
  • (James sees the tree ahead and comes to a halt)
  • James: Oh help!
  • Alec Baldwin: Cried James.
  • James: Go away!
  • Alec Baldwin: But of course, the tree couldn't. James tried to reverse away from the tree but his train was too heavy. Then he heard a whistle.
  • James' Driver: It's Thomas.
  • Alec Baldwin: Called his driver. James felt embarrassed and worried that Thomas would laugh at him, but Thomas didn't. He knew it was no time for teasing.
  • Thomas: Peep, peep! I'm ready!
  • Alec Baldwin: Whistled Thomas.
  • James: So am I.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied James.
  • James: As ready as I'll ever be.
  • Alec Baldwin: They were just in time.
  • (The tree lands on the ground with a loud wham!)
  • Alec Baldwin: Later, James spoke to Thomas.
  • James: Percy and Terence were so right to warn me. Thank you for rescuing me, Thomas.
  • Thomas: Oh, that's all right. We engines have to pull together whatever the weather.
  • Alec Baldwin: Just then, Edward bustled in.
  • Edward: Sir Topham Hatt thinks you're both brave engines. Thomas, you're going to have a new coat of paint, and James, Sir Topham Hatt says that tomorrow you'll pull the special express.
  • Alec Baldwin: Everyone was very happy.

Nameplates after James and The Trouble With Trees

  • James
  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Something In The Air

  • Alec Baldwin: One day, Thomas was at the keyside of a small village. Fish were being loaded into his cars. The work took a long time, the fishermen were using old equipment and Thomas was worried.
  • Thomas: I'm going to be late for Henry at the docks. He won't like this. Please hurry up.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas was rudely interrupted.
  • (The crate containing fish inside falls on top of Thomas)
  • Alec Baldwin: His driver and fireman laughed.
  • Thomas: Phew!
  • Alec Baldwin: Sniffed Thomas.
  • Thomas: What a pong!
  • Alec Baldwin: He was glad when they were speeding along the beautiful coastal run. Then, they saw a man waving a red flag.
  • Thomas: What's the matter now?
  • Man: High tides are damaging the track.
  • Alec Baldwin: Reported the man.
  • Man: I've marked the spot.
  • Thomas' Driver: We'll go and inspect.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the Driver.
  • (Thomas
  • Thomas' Driver: It would be dangerous for heavy engines like Henry.
  • Alec Baldwin: Agreed the driver.
  • Thomas' Driver: But for Thomas, it's safe enough.
  • Alec Baldwin: The guard left a red oil lamp by the damaged track to warn engines.
  • Guard: When we get to the docks, I'll tell them to close the line.
  • Alec Baldwin: Henry was waiting for Thomas' cars.
  • Henry: Pah! You're late and that smell is making me ill!
  • Thomas: It's the fish!
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Thomas.
  • Thomas: And there's danger on the rails. That's why we're late.
  • Henry: Pah! You're the only danger on the rails, Thomas. Now stop wasting time and get my cars hitched to my train.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas' driver and fireman were in the yard master's office when they heard Henry's whistle. He was steaming out of the station with his long heavy train called The Flying Kipper.
  • Thomas' Driver: What route is Henry taking tonight?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked the Driver.
  • Yard Master: The coastal run. It's the quickest.
  • Thomas' Driver: But I told you!
  • Alec Baldwin: Gasped the driver.
  • Thomas' Driver: That's dangerous for a big engine like Henry!
  • Alec Baldwin: The yard master quickly phoned the signalman. Henry roared past the signalbox.
  • Henry: I'll soon make up for lost time.
  • Alec Baldwin: The signalman couldn't hear the warning. By the time he did, Henry was far away in a cloud of steam. But when Henry reached the coastal track, his hopes for a fast run were dashed. Fog floated everywhere.
  • Henry: I can't see!
  • Alec Baldwin: Cried Henry. Nor could his driver. And when he could, it was too late.
  • (Henry falls down into the deep water)
  • Alec Baldwin: As soon as the tide was high enough, Henry was craned out of the water.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Engines don't swim, Henry. You were meant to deliver fish not swim with them. You should know that by now.
  • Henry: Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
  • Alec Baldwin: When Henry arrived at the docks, Cranky the Crane looked down on him.
  • Cranky: My, my, Henry. I expect you'll have some fishy tales to tell. But take my advice, have a long hosedown first.
  • Alec Baldwin: But there was worse to come.
  • Boy 1: Look! They've caught all this fish and a green whale too.
  • Boy 2: It's not a whale, it's a monster.
  • Alec Baldwin: Henry was most upset. Thomas now felt sorry for Henry.
  • Thomas: Come on. Your driver says it's time for a nice washdown. Then you'll feel much better.
  • Alec Baldwin: And Henry did.
  • Henry: I'm sorry I was rude to you, Thomas.
  • Thomas: That's all right. But can you smell something?
  • Henry: W-W-What?
  • Thomas: Fresh air.
  • Henry: Oh yes.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Henry happily.

Nameplates after Something In The Air

  • Henry
  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Make Someone Happy

  • Alec Baldwin: It was holiday time on the Island of Sodor. All the engines were working happily except for James.
  • James: Why should a splendid engine like me take messy coal cars instead of coaches? Percy or Oliver should do it, I'm too important.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas was cross.
  • Thomas: James, why don't you think about something or someone else for a change? You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel if you do.
  • James: Oh, please. Being important is the only thing for me to think about. Hah!
  • (We see Percy and Oliver watching Tiger Moth)
  • Percy: That plane's making a great deal of noise.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Percy to Oliver.
  • Oliver: His name's Tiger Moth.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Oliver.
  • Oliver: And it's flying around telling everyone about the fair that's arriving today.
  • Thomas: What are you two doing here?
  • Oliver: Sir Topham Hatt wants us to pick up a very special load from the harbour.
  • Percy: And I think it's got something to do with the fair.
  • Alec Baldwin: Then they puffed away. Meanwhile, James was collecting quarry cars from the yard.
  • James: Dustier and dustier.
  • Alec Baldwin: He grumbled. Then he saw Mrs. Kyndley.
  • James: She looks miserable.
  • James' Driver: What's the matter?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked James' driver.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: My sister has run to tell me she can't come to stay with me. I was so looking forward to her visit.
  • Alec Baldwin: Sir Topham Hatt soon heard the sad news.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: We must cheer her up. Send Harold the Helicopter to pick her up inmediately.
  • Alec Baldwin: A few minutes later there was a surprise for Mrs. Kyndley.
  • Harold: All present and correct.
  • Alec Baldwin: Called Harold.
  • Harold: I'm uh here for a flying visit. Hurry aboard Mrs. Kyndley and uh fly the sky with me. Compliments of uh, Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: Oh, how lovely.
  • James: Harold's made my paint dustier than ever.
  • Alec Baldwin: Muttered James. But he was happy for Mrs. Kyndley. She was soon flying high with Harold.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: I have never seen the island like this before. It's wonderful.
  • Alec Baldwin: Meanwhile, Percy and Oliver were at the docks. Cranky the Crane was unloading an old tramp steamer.
  • Cranky: Hey down there, you two, I'm paying lucky dip in the tramper's hold and all these are for you.
  • Percy: Wooden horses!
  • Alec Baldwin: Percy exclaimed.
  • Percy: For the carousel ride. It's going to be a very exciting fair.
  • James: It is indeed.
  • Alec Baldwin: Whistled James.
  • James: Sir Topham Hatt has ordered me to stop pulling coal cars and go to the station instead. Something to do with Mrs. Kyndley. Goodbye.
  • Percy: Well what do you think of that.
  • Alec Baldwin: Cried Percy. Mrs. Kyndley was waiting for James with Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Now this is your very special treat. James will take you on a mystery ride and I shall meet you at your destination.
  • Alec Baldwin: James took Mrs. Kyndley along her favorite coastal route to Tidmouth Bay. When he arrived there, a big surprise awaited Mrs. Kyndley.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: Oh!
  • Alec Baldwin: She cried.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: You brought me to the fairground how lovely.
  • Alec Baldwin: Best of all Sir Topham Hatt invited her to make the announcement.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: I declare this fairground open.
  • Alec Baldwin: Mrs. Kyndley had the first ride on the carousel.
  • (Carnival music plays)
  • James: You were quite right, Thomas.
  • Alec Baldwin: James whispered.
  • James: Making someone happy does cheer you up.
  • Alec Baldwin: Then together they watched the fun of the fair.
  • (The carnival music continues on as we hear a loud ding, and then a man laughing, and finally the carousel)

Nameplates after Make Someone Happy

  • Gordon
  • James
  • Rheneas
  • Henry
  • Rusty
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Skarloey
  • Terence

Toby's Discovery

  • Alec Baldwin: One morning, Sir Topham Hatt and his grandchildren came to see Toby.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Come on, Toby, we're all going to the seaside. We will ride in Henrietta.
  • Toby: Yes, sir.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Toby happily. They came to a small seaside station. Soon, the children were playing in the sand, building a splendid castle. Sir Topham Hatt inspected it.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: My word's a very fine castle. Have you seen a real one like it?
  • Bridget: Yes.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied the children.
  • Stephen: It's here on the Island.
  • Alec Baldwin: And they showed him the map.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Hmm.
  • Alec Baldwin: Pondered Sir Topham Hatt. They met Toby at the harbour.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Come along, we are going exploring.
  • Alec Baldwin: Soon they were in the wildest part of the Island. They stopped by a lonely signalbox.
  • Signalman: Where are you going?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked the Signalman.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: We're trying to find an old castle.
  • Signalman: I know the place sir.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the signalman.
  • Signalman: There's a small junction not too far down the line. Just switch the points.
  • Alec Baldwin: When the fireman switched the points, their adventure really began. Toby pushed past branches and bushes until they came to another little junction. There they saw two signs saying: To The Castle and To The Mine.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: We'll go to the castle first.
  • Alec Baldwin: Toby stopped by an old water tower.
  • Children: There's the castle.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: And now we shall visit the mine.
  • Alec Baldwin: Once upon a time, the mine had been worked by the little engines and their lines were still in place. But now everything is very rusty and overgrown. Sir Topham Hatt was most impressed, but Toby was rather scared. He was glad when it was time to go home.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I think the castle and the mine will make a fine place for visitors. But it will take some hard work first.
  • Toby: Y-yes, sir.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Toby nervously. Sir Topham Hatt's plans were soon put into action. But Toby was still worried.
  • Toby: I'm sure this place was haunted.
  • Alec Baldwin: He thought.
  • Toby's Driver: It's our turn to stay here on guard tonight, Toby.
  • Toby: Oh y-y-yes. Why not?
  • Alec Baldwin: Stuttered Toby.
  • Thomas: Beware of the ghost, Toby.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas said.
  • Toby: What ghost?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Toby?
  • Thomas: The old warrior ghost. Every night he lights his fire then goes hunting. Toot toot, goodbye.
  • Alec Baldwin: Night came. Toby looked anxiously around. Everything seemed rather spooky. Quite suddenly, he heard a strange wheezing sound.
  • Toby: It's the ghost!
  • Alec Baldwin: He wailed.
  • Toby's Driver: What ghost?
  • Alec Baldwin: His driver asked.
  • Toby: It's the old warrior. He's come to hunt me down.
  • Toby's Driver: Don't be so daft. We'll go and investigate.
  • Alec Baldwin: They returned quite soon.
  • Toby's Fireman: The old warrior wants to meet you.
  • Alec Baldwin: Laughed his fireman.
  • Toby: Can't it wait till morning?
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Toby.
  • Toby's Driver: Ghosts don't work dayshifts.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said his driver. Toby bravely made his way.
  • Toby: Well blast my bell.
  • Alec Baldwin: He exclaimed. There in front of him was a little old engine.
  • Signalman: This is your ghost, Toby.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the signalman.
  • Signalman: His name's really Bertrum. But we call him the old warrior because he's so brave.
  • Alec Baldwin: Bertrum and Toby are now friends. They take the visitors to the castle and the mine. If there are any ghosts here, they certainly help to make the place very happy.

Nameplates after Toby's Discovery

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Cranky Bugs

  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas and Percy enjoyed working at the docks. They like to see air and the sound of the gulls. But one day, the friends were feeling hot and bothered. A crane was causing trouble. His name was Cranky and this was his first day at the docks.
  • Cranky: You're useless little bugs!
  • Alec Baldwin: He called from above.
  • Cranky: If you put these freight cars on the inside lines then I wouldn't have so far to travel.
  • Thomas: Rubbish!
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: No crane has ever complained before.
  • Cranky: Well I'm complaining now.
  • Alec Baldwin: And Cranky banged his load down on the keyside. Later, the two engines met Gordon and James and told them about Cranky.
  • Gordon: Cranes are nearly fairy things they need a lot of attention like me in fact.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Gordon.
  • James: You should see the situation from Cranky's point of view.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said James.
  • James: He's high up in the air coping with wind, rain and making sun. Then he looks down and sees you two little engines being annoying. No wonder he calls you bugs.
  • Alec Baldwin: When Cranky heard that the big engines agreed with him, he grew bossier still.
  • Cranky: Come on, come on. Push those freight cars closer to me.
  • Alec Baldwin: But Percy was too upset to concentrate and pushed the freight cars too far. Poor Percy. Then, Cranky played a trick on Thomas.
  • Cranky: Push your freight cars onto the outside line. It's easier for me to load up.
  • Alec Baldwin: So Thomas did. But Cranky left the load beside the freight cars, not in them.
  • Cranky: You must have known my arm can't reach you there.
  • Alec Baldwin: Complained Cranky. This mix up caused confusion and delay. Sir Topham Hatt was most upset.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas and Percy, this new crane has an important job to do. I have heard that you not been helping him today. You will go to your sheds and consider how you improve yourselves tomorrow.
  • Alec Baldwin: Now Thomas and Percy were upset too. That evening, a big storm raged across the island. Cranky and the engines were trapped in the docks.
  • Duck: We're sure to be safe in the sheds.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Duck. But he was wrong. The engines had no idea they were about to be put in great danger by an old tramp steamer. It was running out of control and into a ground straight into the sheds.
  • (The old tramp steamer crashes into the shed)
  • Cranky: (screams)
  • (Cranky lands onto the ground with a loud Kuh-Thud)
  • Henry, James, Duck and Gordon: Help!
  • Alec Baldwin: Called the engines from inside the shed.
  • Cranky: I can't!
  • Alec Baldwin: Called Cranky. When the storm was over, Sir Topham Hatt rushed into the scene of the destruction.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas and Percy will help you.
  • Alec Baldwin: He called to Cranky.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: And then you can help the engines.
  • Cranky: Oh, please, hurry!
  • Alec Baldwin: Cried Cranky.
  • Cranky: And tell them I'm sorry I was rude to them.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: So it was you.
  • Alec Baldwin: Murmured Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I know those engines an apology.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas and Percy soon came to the rescue. And it wasn't too long before Cranky was upright again and clearing the wreckage. At last, all the engines were free.
  • Gordon: Oh, thank you.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Gordon.
  • Gordon: What would I've done without you?
  • Cranky: Well I had to be rescued before I help you. But i never I would be by a couple of, bu-bu...
  • Alec Baldwin: Cranky was about to say bugs but he quickly corrected himself.
  • Cranky: Uh, small engines thank you. I'll never be rude again. However you two mites are in my way so move over.
  • Percy: Pah!
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Percy.
  • Percy: He's back to bugging us.
  • Thomas: Don't move! You're still attatched to Cranky.
  • Alec Baldwin: But it was too late.
  • (Cranky lands on the rails once again)
  • Alec Baldwin: Cranky still looks down at the two little engines. But ever since that stormy night, he never calls them bugs or mights, because he knows they might bite back.

Nameplates after Cranky Bugs

  • James
  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Henry
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Horrid Lorry

  • Alec Baldwin: It was a busy time at the docks. All the engines were working hard, pushing and pulling freight cars about. One day, Percy was late. Cranky the Crane was quick to criticize.
  • Cranky: These ships can't be kept waiting. They have important cargo. If they miss the tides, they will be delayed at the docks. You should look up to the ships and show more respect. You are after all only little.
  • Percy: We've got too much work.
  • Alec Baldwin: Huffed Percy.
  • Cranky: Then perhaps a lorry should do the job.
  • Alec Baldwin: Percy was shocked. He told the other engines what Cranky had said.
  • James: Stuff and nonsense!
  • Alec Baldwin: Snorted James.
  • Henry: We engines rerun this island.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Henry.
  • Percy: What if a lorry does arrive?
  • Alec Baldwin: I'm afraid he did. Along with two more. Cranky was delighted.
  • Cranky: Hey you down there. Your jobs done now. These lorries are taking over. One of them wants to talk to you.
  • Alec Baldwin: The lorry was very rude.
  • Lorry 2: What's that steaming lump of scrap iron doing here? Be off with you!
  • Percy: Scrap iron? Steaming scrap iron? Pah!
  • Alec Baldwin: A little later, Percy met Thomas and James. Another lorry was being rude to them. Then he saw Percy.
  • Lorry 1: Oh, look. It's a little green goblin on wheels. Ha! You'd be scrapped. Just you wait and see.
  • Thomas: Well, bust my boiler. What a horrid lorry.
  • Alec Baldwin: Explained Thomas.
  • James: Despicable!
  • Alec Baldwin: Agreed James. The next engine to meet a lorry was Toby.
  • Lorry 2: Well, well, well. No wonder this railway's a mess. You belong into this museum, not working at the quarry.
  • Toby: I might look old, but I'm really useful.
  • Lorry 2: Useful? Pah!
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied the lorry.
  • Lorry 2: Just you toodle off.
  • Toby: Toodle?!
  • Alec Baldwin: Spluttered Toby.
  • Toby's Driver: Come on, Toby.
  • Alec Baldwin: Interrupted his driver.
  • Toby's Driver: Don't bother to argue with him. We'll go to the flour mill instead.
  • Alec Baldwin: But when they arrived at the flour mill, Toby was shocked to see yet another lorry.
  • Toby: What are you doing here?
  • Lorry 3: We three are doing your work now. You're too slow.
  • Alec Baldwin: The foreman spoke to Toby's driver.
  • Foreman: I'm sorry. Times are changing I'm afraid.
  • Toby's Driver: Toby might me old.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied his driver.
  • Toby's Driver: But he's reliable. Come on, Toby. We'll go to the farms. They'll still use us.
  • Alec Baldwin: Toby trundled sadly away. His railway ran through a narrow gorge. But vehicles had take a steep and dangerous road. When Toby arrived, he saw the lorry from the quarry again. It was loaded with rock.
  • Toby: That lorry's in trouble.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thought Toby. And he was.
  • (Lorry 2 falls down the gorge and towards the ground leaving Toby speechless)
  • Alec Baldwin: The driver was thrown clear.
  • Driver: Rotten roads.
  • Alec Baldwin: He muttered. The wrecked lorry was taking to the docks. Percy looked at the lorry.
  • Percy: What's this lump of steaming scrap iron?
  • Alec Baldwin: He teased.
  • Lorry 2: I'll be back.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied the lorry.
  • Lorry 2: So you can wipe that silly smile off your smokebox.
  • Percy: Ha!
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Percy and wheeshed him loudly. Then Butch the breakdown vehicle arrived. He was towing the lorry from the flour mill.
  • Toby's Driver: What happened?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Toby's driver.
  • Cander: He was overloaded with flour.
  • Alec Baldwin: Cander replied.
  • Cander: And he broke down.
  • Toby: Not very useful now are you?
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Toby.
  • Lorries: Grr!
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied the lorries. Then James whistled excitedly.
  • James: They're bringing in the third lorry on a barge. What happened to that one?
  • Alec Baldwin: James asked.
  • Tow Truck Man: Stupid Lorry was reversing and fell straight into the sea.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said the Tow Truck Man. Later, Thomas arrived. He looked at the three lorries and laughed.
  • Thomas: Well, well, well. The brothers grimm. Smashed, broken and sunk.
  • Alec Baldwin: The lorries didn't return, and the engines now work even harder to make sure they'll ever learn.

Nameplates after Horrid Lorry

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Accidents Will Happen

  • Children: (singing) Thrills and spills on the railway, it's a life of happiness. But sometimes impatience can lead to carelessness.
  • Boy: (singing) Some think they are smart cats...
  • Girl: (singing) ...and some just know it all.
  • Children: (singing) But sooner or later we all find out that... Accidents happen now and again. Just when you least expect. Just when you think that life is okay, fate comes to collect. Accidents happen now and again, when people or trains get smart. If you don't concentrate on the thing that you're doing. Accidents will happen just like that. Your best laid plans can turn upside down if you get to confident. Sometime you will slip and slide if that Lady Luck's intent.
  • Girl: (singing) One minute you're riding high...
  • Boy: (singing) ...the next you're on the ground.
  • Children: (singing) But please remember, whatever the weather, you must take care cause... Accidents happen now and again, sometimes just by chance you gotta pick yourself up and dust yourself down put it down to experience. Accidents happen now and again, just don't take it all to heart. Cause if you don't concentrate on the thing that you're doing. Accidents will happen just like that. The warning signs are there for us to see most of the time. But sometimes we take chances, ignore the danger signs. Fate can surprise with no reason or rhyme. Make sure you'll learn your lesson. You'll know better next time. Accidents happen now and again. Just when you least expect. Just when you think that life is okay. Fate comes to collect. Accidents happen now and again, when people or trains get smart, if you don't concentrate on the thing that you're doing. Accidents will happen just like that. Accidents happen now and again. Sometimes just by chance. You gotta pick yourself up and dust yourself down put it down to experience. Accidents happen now and again, just don't take it all to heart.
  • Girl: If you don't concentrate on the thing that you're doing whatever you're doing is not what you're thinking.
  • Children: (singing) Accidents, incidents. Accidents, incidents, accidents happen just like that.
  • (Gordon crashed into the wall)

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