Simon: what are the cards

teacher: if you get green you get 1 year off if you get light green you get 9 months off if you get dark green you get 7 months off if you get mint green you get 1 month off.  if you get blue you get 1 week off.  if you get light blue you get 5 days off if you get dark blue you get 3 days off if you get navy blue you get to go home early. if you get white nothing if you get pink you're in little trouble and get detention for 1 minute.  if you get red you are in trouble and get detention for 30 minutes.  if you get yellow you're in big trouble and get detention for 1 hour if you get orange you're in bigger trouble and get 5 hours of detention if you get a gray card you have detention for 38 days if you get black you are expelled from this school for a week if you get brown you are in dead meat and expelled forever and if you get gray you're in super mega hyper dead meat. here they are.

david the amiaton guy: oh cool. me the super baxter memy9909 and slippy v got green cards

teacher: you 4 may go home now

simon: o o o o o o o o o o o.    i got light green

teacher: you get 9 months off good for you.

princess: well i got navy blue i get to go home early

teacher: angrywalkthorughs get in here

angrywalkthorughs: wow.      nie job.

chris: oh darn i got pink

teacher: i'm so sorry to say chris.  but you have detention for a minute

andrew.  well i got blue

teacher: you did great andrew.  go home for 1 week

jack: oh cool i got mint green.

teacher: that's right jack.   you get 1 month off good for you

calum1998: oh no.  i got a red card

teacher: i'm sorry calum1998 but you have detention for 30 minutes

tamama: what do i have a yellow card

teacher: that's right tamama.   you have detention for 1 hour

chloe: wow me and thomas got dark green cards.

teacher: that's right chloe and thomas you get 7 months off

derek: yeah i got light blue

teacher: that is right derek.   you get to stay home until next monday.   enjoy your 5 day break also the weekend

banjo: me and tooty got white cards. i guess that means nothing will happen to us right

teacher: that's correct banjo and tooty nothing will happen

dora: oh my freaking god i got an orange card.

teacher: that's right dora.   you have detention for 5 hours

diesel.  o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o.   i got a gray card.  that means i have detention for over a month

teacher: that's right diesel you have detention for a whole month

eric: me brian aaron dylan kyle emily and jake got dark blue cards

teacher: that's right the 7 of you get 3 days off

rutherfield: what!  do i have a black card

teacher: you do rutherfield you are expelled from this school go to the principal's office right now

kent: wait a second me and timmy turner got brown cards

teacher: that's right timmy turner and kent you are expelled for a really long time

principal: so why are you here jack

jack: i got mint green

principal: good for you jack you get a month off

principal: diesel why are you throwing a breakdown

principal: what color did you get

diesel: i am so sucked because of this gray card

principal: diesel we dont curse at school that's it you're suspended for 2 days and after school on thursday you have detention for a month

principal: so rutherfield why are you here

Rutherfield: i got black

principal: Rutherfield you are expelled go home now

principal: dora why are you here

dora: i got a orange card

principal: Dora! you are in detention for 5 hours go now.

dora: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

principal: so andrew why are you here.

andrew: i got a blue card

Principal: you get a week off

Principal: princess why are you happy

Princess: i got a navy blue card

Principal: that is very awesome have a goodnight

principal: calum1998 why are you here.

Calum1998: i got red

principal: you're in big trouble i'm calling your dad

principal: hello calum1998's dad your son got a red card

calum1998's dad: you are grounded for life when we get home

principal: so kent and timmy turner why are you here

kent: we got brown cards

principal: o o o o o o o o o o o.   that's it. you're expelled forever

jack's dad: Jack you are ungrounded for life go to kfc

calum1998's dad: calum1998 i'm calling your mom right now

5 minutes later

calum1998's mom: calum1998 i cannot believe you got a red card that's it you're grounded for 30 weeks

kent's dad: oh my freaking god kent.   you are grounded for life

timmy turner's dad: timmy turner you are grounded for eternity now it's time to kill you

timmy turner's dad: yay timmy turner is now dead

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