The massive Ruumet Breehr are the most commonly seen beasts of burden on Mars. As large as an Earth Indian Elephant these mighty animals are used to transports goods and people (Martians) to all points around the red planet. As benefiting such an important creature to Mars' economy, ruumet breehr are well treated by their handlers, who often maintain more of a parent-child relationship with the beast than seems practical (an attitude which can be slightly off putting for a recently arrived Earther).

Native to the wetlands of Mars, the domesticated ruumet breehr are well adapted to the harsher climes of the planet's deserts and plains. Mostly a good natured (if slightly dumb) animal, an agitated ruumet breehr is a threat to any caravan or market, and as such each city or tribe usually has its own laws and 'understandings' when allowing these animals within their community.

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