Ryak Marsen

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He whose power lies within

June 14th, 60 AF

"This is the first entry in my new journal. I have decided to write down the things that I have seen, and what is happening to me. In just a few days everything has been thrown around, and I don't know what to do. I am writing this from within the walls of Angor. Strange animal-men are everywhere, people have walked into trees and disappeared, and my companions are trying to tell me I have and use magic! I don't know much about it, but I don't think that Nakhara or Elysia just suddenly started casting spells, and I'm pretty sure it just doesn't work that way. Mom's told me about father, and what magic did to him and our family. I don't know what it is that's happening with me. It's not magic, but I'm going to find out what is going on. Either way, I have plenty to think on."

Quotes of Others

"He is extremely uptight, but he seems to have good enough intentions. I get the feeling he is struggling with something, however I'm not quite sure what that would be. He doesn't seem to handle it well when I question him. It intrigues and confuses me that he can be so offended by my magic, but clearly carry magical energies with him." -Elysia

"Man-man must speak for chiefs. Asks many questions. Knows Man-world. Hard to see inside head-head, but know he carry two spirits. Crying Lizard and Fading Hawk. Want be brothers with, but see-see he not see spirit-world. Powerful spirits follow him, but he not see. We break open head, then he see." -Nakhara

Ryak is an odd sort. He seems to attract amazing things, and he knows more then I of the ways of the city folk. But he seems to fear magic more then I, or at least fear the existance of it. As I said he is an odd sort, but the thing about the odd sorts, they tend to attract greatness to them ... that or they die young. Either Way ... it seems that I have begun an interesting journey. -Ethian

He seems a bit over bearing and uptight. I have noticed that even though Chase Neverland is his superior he still tries to run things instead of following her lead. He also seems very sheltered and close minded to things he doesn't understand, like magic. He is not a bad person by any stretch but he needs to broaden his horizons. I'm hoping our excursion outside the city will relax him a bit more and open his mind to the rest of the world. -Ellenore

"This man grates on my nerves... almost like a literal grater on cheese. Everything he says and does seems to come from orders, and I cannot stand it. He can't step outside the box for five seconds, and it's getting clearer that he isn't fond of me either. I don't know what his problem with magic is, but I'm curious, and hopefully I'll figure it out. I don't want to have to hold off from using my magic to help him to teach him a lesson but I'll do it if I have to. Until then I just have to keep hoping Chase will make the decisions and she'll keep her eyes and ears open to change." -Elysia

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