Ryan King (or King, not to confuse him with Lunatic's RW Author) is Quill's Real World Author. He is one of the few RW Authors who is not a tokusatsu wielder. Instead, King pilots a custom color-scheme Jet Falcon. He also has an electric blue Organoid partner named Raiden.


King pretends to be the level-headed one of the group, although sometimes King does tend to work himself into a tizzy over small trivialities. He also suffers from broken pride a lot, especially when Andrew used the Mecha-Changer to turn a Shield Liger into a Liger Zero and then proceed to fuse with Raiden and the Jet Falcon using the Liger Zero Falcon Ride Card to save King (and by extent, Fiona) from a rapidly falling Whale King. And when the Toilenator showed up in a Styluarmor, King really lost it.

But for his failed cool and his tendency to go off the rails for even the slightest problem, King excels in the charisma department, often so by the number of times he consoles Kay when it comes to her powers. In essence, King's strength is his charisma and his skills as a fighter pilot, which he says came from playing a lot of flight simulators, particularly Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. He's undoubtedly very good, though.


Kamen Rider Cosmos: A belt created as a thank-you by the Scions of Avalon, King is the original wielder of the Kamen Rider Cosmos, the first belt of the new Advent Riders. Does not have this form anymore because the Cosmos Belt was destroyed.

Sephiroth: One of King's biggest issues isn't dealing with rogue Advent riders or Zoids. Rather,it's dealing with the One-Winged Angel, who's decided to make King his host. If King is exposed to geostigma or is being threatened, Sephiroth will come out. Thanks to the Elder Kai, though, Sephiroth no longer has a hold of King.

Valkyrur: King also appears to have an allergy towards ragnite. If he is exposed, he will enter a Valkyrur-like state. And it took B Company, Bit in the Jaeger and Andrew in the Schneider to beat him.

Real Self Author Fighters

In the RS Author Fighter saga, where the Author Fighters do not exist, King is the unofficial brains of the outfit, mainly because he has started theorizing on the effects of FD Rips and the ensuing particles that are released, which in turn have an adverse effect on the world that King feels he needs to right. As a result, King is distant compared to the rest of the RS Author Fighters.


King has a low opinion of himself, and desperately wants a relationship, but the former seems to keep him from actively seeking one. He has a tendency to come across as distant, snobbish, or sometimes outright mean, but this is mainly because he's afraid of trusting someone after so much betrayal, real or imagined.

FD Particle-Based Powers

King was one of the first people to become affected by the FD Rips and the particles tied to them, due to the fact that he first met an Organoid, which he later named Raiden, sniffing around the dumpsters of the local Coco's. Because of his connection to the Organoid, he was led to the Shadow Fox that was tied to him. Afterward, King used the Shadow Fox as a means of his transportation on his one-man-crusade against the FD Rips, researching them as well as sealing the rips any way he saw fit. During the Digital World arc, he later obtained a Digivice after meeting Renamon.

When Wandrex appeared, King originally wielded the Garren Belt, like his OC Hurricane's Quill. However, in Tokyo, King was attacked and then transformed into a Lion Orphnoch. As such, Wandrex revoked the Garren Belt and gave King the Faiz Gear instead.

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