Rye Town's Creatures

Rye Town's Creatures are an independant underground gothic rap Group who started out in Sussex, England on 06/06/06. They are the ones responsible for creating the M.A.B.S. Inc. hierachy organisation. The group's members consist of Sladen Dead and Uzziah. They became defunct in early 2007 due to a disagreement between Sladen and Uzziah, but in early 2008 re-emerged with a new member, SirT and promises of a new era of their unique gothic hip hop style. Rye Town's Creatures were originally called (The) Psycho Clown Brothers, and at first went through roughly 15 various other group names before finally settling on Rye Town's Creatures in Mid 2006.

  • Official Rye Town's Creatures website - [1]
  • Official Rye Town's Creatures MySpace - [2]
  • Official Rye Town's Creatures Label (Wonderfully Evil Records) - [3]
  • The name Rye Town's Creatures comes from a combination of Sladen's many vacations in the past to Rye; an old English town in East Sussex, and his beliefs that he experienced paranormal activity there on more than one occasion.
  • Rye Town's Creatures first became 'Rye Town's Creatures' on June 6, 2006 (06/06/2006).
  • Rye Town's Creatures Sladen Dead and Uzziah first met sometime between 1997 and 1998. The exact date is unknown.
  • SirT is not actually from England, he is from Detroit Michigan, USA.

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