Rynn D'shal

Born on the planet of Kuat to a girl of but 18, Rynn D'shal grew up in the most desolate of conditions. His Mother and he spent most of their time begging for food, and any money. But things could have been so different.

His Mother - Sskia D'shal - was the daughter of a rich aristocratic noble who believed in his morals and position in society before his family. It was, then, a great social scandle when Sskia became pregnant aged just 17 years old.

Refusing to name the Father, for fear of the D'shal family taking vengence - she was threatened with being disowned. But no threat was going to make Sskia reveal the father. She vowed to never reveal it, until the day she died. This left only one course of action for the D'shal family.

Thrown onto the street with no food and a few clothes she was smuggled out by her more caring Mother, Sskia took to a life of begging, stealing and scavenging. For 9 months, she bore the inenviable task of baring a child, while she undertook such socially despicable activity. However, somehow, she manageed to cope, and get by, and one day, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy - Rynn D'shal.

For many years, the young girl worked hard to provide the best for her son, who was now the only thing left in her world. But that best was sometimes achieved by wrong means. She resorted to stealing, often raiding small pawn shops in the south kuati districts, and selling them on to wandering merchants on the street for profit.

She stole food from food shops across Kuat just to live, and continued to pilfer and rob pawn shops, her deeds growing continously larger in scale and daring. Eventually, by age 8, Rynn had started doing similar activities, and the pair gradually began leading a reasonable level of existence, even if it was attained by unreasonable measures.

In the end, however, all the theft caught up with the pair, and she was cornered by local Kuati authorities. By this time, Rynn was aged 16 years old. Cornered, he watched as he could not protect his mother, and she was killed by the repeated use of a stun weapon, administered to Sskia's ribs and torso. Rushing over, he watched his Mother die before his eyes, her last words being, "Rynn... you're father.. is a ...". She never did finish what she wanted to say. She slowly fell limp in Rynn's arms, and he knew she had passed on to the next life. The fear, anger and hatred brewed within him, until he could not contain it no more.

With a wave of his hand, the half a dozen troopers were sent into the nearby wall, and with a crunch, fell to the floor dead. The final trooper was crushed with the anger that remained, and Rynn remained panting heavily, the tears streaking down his face.

From behind, he heard a voice. Turning, Rynn could make out the shimmering form of a cloaked figure, laughing at what had happened here. Rynn felt the anger build up, but a swift punch went straight through the apparition, and that anger turned quickly to fear.

The cloaked figure laughed, before speaking quietly, about the power Rynn had, and how he could harness it. He told him that injustice will continue to befall him - unless he learnt the powers of the dark side. Rynn's fear quickly turned to curiosity, at the prospect of being able to take revenge against all who opposed him - against the D'shal family. Against the Kuati authorities.

The figure continued to whisper promises of incredible power, and promised him the ability to take revenge against all those that had wronged he and his Mother. He said all he had to do was visit the Stronghold of the Sith, and seek training from those within Telling him the location of a Sith Stronghold, Rynn departed, embarking on a new life.

Little did he know that the figure that revealed to him such information was Kamataki - the former Dark Lord, killed by Orbisis Ex Allan. Kamataki had left his spirit and power entombed in a powerful Sith Artifact which came to be known as the Orb of Kamataki - an artifact that would feature prominantly in the Sith's life ahead.

Arriving at the Sith Stronghold, Rynn battled his fear and doubt to enter the domineering Citadel to the Dark Side. Once inside, he cautiously moved into the great hall. There, he met Darth Electra - wife to the Dark Lord, Orbisis Ex Allan.

Darth Electra quizzed Rynn about his intentions here, and eventually agreed to train the Sith Knight in the ways of the Dark Side. What followed was week after week of intense and hard training, where Rynn was taught the basics of force control, and the use of the Dark Side.

Eventually, after many weeks, Rynn sat in a small room, alone in quiet contemplation, as he fixed the final few wires to the appropriate spots on the circuit boards, and screwed in the durasteel plating. Standing, the Sith Apprentice ignited his blade, an orange glow eminating from the weapon, emitting a pale orange glow from the lightsaber blade. A small smile crept on his face - the Apprentice had become a Knight.

Upon confirmation of his Knighthood, Rynn quickly left the Stronghold, destined for Kuati. A short hop accross space, the newly crowned Sith Knight docked with the Kuati Docking Bays, and headed immediatly for the Kuati Aristrocrat homes in the north western districts.

Taking a speeder to the D'shal family home, Rynn stood staring up at the grand manor house, at all he could and should have had. Rynn felt the regrets mounting, and knew there was little point in feeling regret. The past was past - and not even a Sith Knight could change it.

Feeling his lightsaber jump into his hands, he ignited it's orange blade, it's low distinct hum comforting the Sith Knight and banishing the regrets of before. Storming inside and slicing the door down, Rynn left none inside alive - and took particular pleasure in decapitating what would have been his grandfather. A grandfather who failed to recognise him, even seconds before he had his head removed by him.

Without a second thought, Rynn paid his next visit to the Kuati local authority. Powered by the fear and terror from slaying his distant family, Rynn made short work of a suprised Kuati authority. Leaving thirty dead in his wake without so much as attaining a slight scratch, the Sith Knight returned to the Sith Stronghold, having taken vengence. It did not nearly begin to compensate for the loss of his mother but it did help him achieve some sort of closure on his childhood.

Now a full Sith Knight, Rynn D'shal trained hard, spending alot of time in the training chambers of the Sith Stronghold. It was here that he wandered into the training chambers, late one evening, to find another recently knighted Sith, Darth Veille, training hard. Rynn found himself captivated by the Sith Lady's dark aura, and her lithe movements, snaking accross the training chambers with little trouble intoxicating. As she tired, Rynn offered her his strength, just to allow the spectacle to continue, feeling intoxicated by the Sith's movements and sheer exertion.

Try as he might, from that point on, he could not remove Darth Veille from his mind. Gradually, after bumping into her on more than one occasion, he found the courage to go to her quarters in the stronghold's western wing, firstly under the guise that he needed some advice. The next time, he went with a bottle of Corellian Brandy, which they shared together.

Rynn had fallen madly in love with Veille, and it was over a glass of the brandy - and under the influences of it - that the Sith Knight had breached the topic of his feelings. The look that Veille returned was one of confliction. Rynn knew she felt for him what he felt for her - but she turned him down, claiming she had demons of her own she had to exorcise before any relationship could occur.

Embarrased, rejected and slightly depressed, Rynn shut himself off from the Universe for a while in his beloved Sith Library. He consoled himself that the touch of the woman he loved paled in comparison to the feel of knowledge, and he sought to work in the library, day and night.

It was during one night of tireless reading of the ancient Sith tomes that Rynn felt an unfamiliar presence in the nearby Entrance Chambers. Closing the book, Rynn steathily moved to the Entrance Chamber. There, he spied a single lone figure. A female of striking beauty. It was then he realised what she was here for - she was like he was, just a year earlier.

Her name was Tora Youkai, and she, as Rynn suspected, was here to harness the power of the Dark Side. Rynn took her on as her first apprentice, and together, Rynn both taught and learnt a great deal from Tora. It was during Tora's final days of training that Rynn also met Natasja. Natasja was another woman of great beauty, her beauty, however, more suttle than Tora's.

Tora and Natasja both were Knighted with ease, and the sense of pride felt by Rynn was immense. Over time, Rynn had built a paternal feeling towards Tora and Natasja, and while Rynn preferred Natasja for her greater comparibility towards Veille, both had made Rynn exceptionally proud. It was training them both that he had broken the grasp that the depression caused by rejection had held over him.

It was during this time that Rynn D'shal was told about the movement of the Sith tome known as the Tome of the Darths. This was a much referenced to tome written by Darth Bane on the powers of the Dark Side. It was a tome Rynn knew he had to have, in his pursuit of knowledge and power.

Boarding a small Corellian Blockade Runner known as the Sighn, Rynn clashed for the first time with the Jedi Knight, Sygh. The Coynite had only recently been Knighted, and was relatively overwhelmed by the more experienced Sith Knight. Had it not have been for the timely intervention of the Bounty Hunter Lenan Miader, Sygh would almost surely had been beaten and killed by the Sith Knight. Still, the Sith achieved his primary objective, and escaped with the Tome of the Darths, and set the ship's auto destruct sequence in order to prevent the meddlesome Bounty Hunter and the Coynite Jedi from following.

Returning to the stronghold slightly worse for ware, the Sith retired to his room, and read the Tome for days without being seen by the rest of the population of the Stronghold.

One dark evening, he felt the presence of his love interest, deep, far away in the Stronghold, gently probing against his presence. He could feel the love in this bond between the two, and Rynn's feelings of love came flooding back. Exiting his chambers, the Sith Knight pursued his love, confronting her in her room. Her hesitancy was apparent, and Rynn knew he had to do something rash to win her. He challenged her to a duel, hoping to win her in a display of might and ability. A display of strength. But it all went disastrously for the Sith Knight. Veille, her strength in the force greater than Rynn's, and though the battle was fierce and filled with bitter emotion and pain, Veille eventually won through, and sent Rynn away.

Rynn's pain almost crushed him. Locked into his quaters, the Sith Knight consoled himself by studying the tome, desperate to try and gleam some source of power he could harness to win over Veille. Just as he found a viable source of power - the Orb of Kamataki - his self imposed isolation was brought to an abrupt halt by the invasion of the Jedi Knights.

Rynn fought with elegence and grace in the defence of his home and the Order which he had grown to cherish so much. Most of all, he defended the Sith Library, his one place of solitude and sanctity. It was here that the Sith Knight faced off with and killed the Jedi Knight Rithorien, in a battle that cost the Sith Knight his hand.

Despite his wound, however, Rynn lurked in the shadows as he watched Darth Veille take on the Jedi Knight Quazar Binks. Deep down, the Sith Knight knew he should intervene. Binks was a renowned Jedi Knight, and substantially stronger than Veille. But the pain he felt stopped him. His pride stopped him. So in the darkness, he watched, and lurked, knowing he could watch the death of the woman he loved. But, suprisingly, Veille emerged the victor, a force lightning storm causing the collapse of a ceiling onto the Jedi Knight, killing him.

As the Sith licked their wounds, and Rynn found himself forced to accustomise himself with having a mechanical hand, the Sith Knight met with his third Apprentice, the young Sirae. Sirae was a youthful Apprentice, with zeal and interest. Not too far into her training, the Sith Knight was also approached by Darth Electra and asked if he would take on Zian Ex Allan, her daughter, as his Apprentice. Rynn, his sense of pride flairing at the prospect of training the daughter of his former Master, accepted without a moments hesitation.

With a pair of Apprentices, Rynn's training was interupted by the attack of the Blue Cross Pirate clan. The Pirates invasion was brutal and swift, and caught the weakened Sith by suprise. Sith fought together in defensive groups, as Rynn lead his Knighted apprentices, Natasja and Tora, in a direct attack on the lead pirate ship. In an act of incredible bravery, the trio of Sith Knights fought bravely against impossible odds, planting explosive charges on the hyperdrive engine of the ship. The trio would not have escaped if not for Rynn's noble sacrifice, as he fought off the remaining Pirates as his apprentices escaped.

Rynn remained on the ship as the explosive charges were set off, causing terrible explosions to rip the ship, and him, apart. A moment of seering pain, and his last thoughts of Darth Veille, followed with a feeling of intense calm, and serenity. The feeling of death, and eternal rest.

But Rynn's eternal rest was cut short, when one day, he opened his eyes to find himself inside a heavy box. Pushing the lid aside, he felt the first few rays of sunshine, and winced in pain, as his head throbbed with a thunderous headache.

Looking around, lying beside the long coffin-like object he was to emerge from, was the limp form of the Jedi Padawan he had confronted earlier to steal the Tome of the Darths from, the Coynite named Sygh. It was then he noticed the pulsating form of the Orb of Kamataki, pulsing alternately red and white, on the alter. His hand - previously cut off killing the Jedi Knight Rithorien - had also been healed.

Looking around his surroundings, he noticed he was in a large temple like building, eminating dark side power. Instantly, the Sith Knight recognised it as the Ancient Sith Bascillica of Darth Bane, which he thought was simply mythical.

Taking possession of the Orb and tying the Jedi Knight that had apparently resurrected him, Rynn laid in wait, recovering from his experience of death. When the Jedi Knight awoke, Rynn set about torturing the Coynite, trying to learn how he had ended here. As the Jedi came to the end of his usefulness, the Sith Knight was again attacked by the Bounty Hunter Lenan Miader, who had managed to track the Jedi down. Lenan escaped with both the Orb and the Jedi Knight, and forced Rynn to return to the Sith Stronghold.

His arrival was greeted with confusion, uncertainty and distrust from most except those who he had trained, and Darth Veille. Veille had sought out the resurrected Knight within the week, and had asked to be with him. Rynn, confused, said neither yes or no. But a vision from what he believed was the force, showed a future of great significance. A future that could not involve Darth Veille.

That next night, Rynn did what he had never wanted to do. As he stroked Veille's soft chestnut hair, he told her that their love for one another could never be explored. They had missed their chance, and the force had greater plans for the pair. It was the most difficult thing that Rynn had ever done. It felt like he had torn his heart out. Little did he know, that during this time, the Orb seized control of Rynn, utilising the period of weakness in the Sith Knight to dominate his thoughts. Gradually, Rynn's plans were mutiliated to become the Orb's plans.

But before the Orb could totally dominate Rynn, it needed him to remove two final barriers. The Jedi Knight, Sygh, when he had resurrected Rynn, had created a link to the Orb that powered the Jedi Knight, in the same way that powered the Sith Knight. The link shared by the Jedi and Sith Knight meant that both could feel each other, despite being many millions of miles apart.

His final hurdle was to reobtain the Orb of Kamataki, from the Bounty Hunter Lenan Miader. Initially, the hunter proved elusive. But gradually, Rynn hatched a plot that involved hiring fellow Bounty Hunter Dack Jensen to trick Lenan into a Corellian Tavern. Sure enough, the hunter came, joined by a Jedi Master by the name of Zael Ti'Enru.

A short scuffle broke out, and Rynn knocked the Jedi Master unconcious before escaping with the Orb of Kamataki. With one hurdle down, only one remained; the Jedi Knight Sygh.

Rynn travelled to Coruscant with the Orb, and challenged him through the force. Despite the attempts of Jedi Master Mar'And Boolin to prevent it, the titanic battle of Rynn vs Sygh occured, as each used both the power of the Orb and the force to fight a super charged battle. Eventually, the Coynite Jedi won through, but was killed by Rynn's apprentice Zian Ex Allan, who had followed the Sith on orders of Darth Electra.

Sending Zian back to the stronghold, Rynn felt the Orb's powers completely take over, and the last remaining pockets of resistence in his mind disintergrated against the power of the Orb of Kamataki. At once, feelings of power overtook him, as he went to Chandrilla to forge his army, an army of force controlled zombies that would invade the Sith Stronghold.

Unleashing a plague against the people of Chandrilla, Rynn watched in the guise of the Grim Reaper as man, woman and child succumbed to the terrible plague that ravaged the population. Gradually, the plague caught the attention of the Jedi, who sent their best healers - Stormy and Sarai Jonay. The Jedi twins quickly discovered a cure, and caused Rynn to retreat with only a fraction of the army he could have had - but that fraction still large enough to invade the Sith Stronghold.

At the head of his army, Rynn invaded the darkened corridors of the place he once called home. Rynn sought out Orbisis Ex Allan to challenge him for his throne, the throne the Orb had made him feel was his rightful place.

But instead of Orbisis Ex Allan, he found Darth Veille. The Orb whispered great promises of victory if he could kill the Dark Lady that stood in his way, and Rynn unleashed a powerful wave of Sith Magicks that Veille contained with difficulty. Her return wave was almost as powerful, but far more easily dispelled thanks to the Sith's abilities because of the Orb of Kamataki.

Drawing lightsabers, the lovers locked in the last deadly embrace. Veille had grown strong in Rynn's absence, but Rynn had the power of the Orb of Kamataki on his side. It was a deadly battle pitched in the same room that Veille had beaten him in before, filled once more with similar feelings of intense emotion and pain. With each locking of the lightsaber, each participant became more resolute to win over.

Darth Veille emerged the victor, and forced the Sith Knight to his knees. In a moment of incredible clarity, Rynn realised how the Orb had used and manipulated him. The vision he had been shown picturing Veille and Rynn apart had been from the Orb, and not from the force as he thought. Instead, the force gifted him with a vision of how life could have been - with Rynn and Veille living, happily, together, serving the Order. Instead, Rynn's actions had brought him to this terrible moment. The moment of his death, at the hands of the one he loved, and was destined to be with.

Exchanging a proclomation of love, Veille beheaded Rynn, before whispering back, "I love you too", the one phrase that had caused Rynn to search for the Orb in the first place.

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